Meet The Fans From KL!

Yesterday met a friend from Kuala Lumpur ( Dv Cnc / FB fake name). She is one my TIGER.LIM™ fans too. Of cause not really all the way came to Brunei just to met me one la, where got this crazy kan? You think I really a superstar like Wu Chun meh...... Anyway she came to Brunei to interview a new job here. Thanks to one of my old friend Jolli Wu ( FB fake name again ) which is Dv Cnc's sister's boyfriend he is the one who call up and told me that someone really wanted to met me! At first I though he's try to prank me one. So I told him "if is a Hot Dog please make the appointment next year but if is a Hot Chix please wait for me in his room!" But Jolli wu keep begging on me to meet them. So last last I went to meet them at the Bowling Center there. 
Now then I know Dv Cnc was born in Malaysia but grow up in Brunei by looking her FB info and  almost a full page is introducing about herself. 
(this is just only a small corner which she love and hate! )

 Loves to eat/travel
Loves to indulge
Loves Xtreme sports
Loves clubbin/dancin
Loves spontaneity/Adventure
Loves originality

Hates Karaoke
Hates hypocrites/fakers
Hates cigs
Hates grly grls w tons of makeup
Hates calculative/stingy ppl

Conclusion: A pretty nice girl likes to do a lot of thing but FLY!
( I mean really really like a bird fly) 
Anyway we have a good time in chit-chat at the fast food restaurant and somehow I been threaten to sing my Jam Jam Jam song again in the restaurant and take video by them T.T
 Really nice to meet you all and once agin Thanks to Jolli Wu( FB fake name )

Me and my fans Dv Cnc

Tiger lim, Dv Cnc, Nileen Jolly and Jolli Wu