Looking For A Job?????

What Job you looking for? New Job, Old Job, Good Job, Bad Job, Easy Job, Hard Job, Sit Job, Stand Job or Long Time No Job. Just come to ICC here and Look For A Job!!!!!!

ICC there got a Job Carnival 2010/ Karnival Kerjaya 2010 from 13th-17th of April. You can go there and see see look look mana tau you can found a Job there right??? This event today just started and I see a lot of Student and Youngster there just walk walk and talk talk. Not much people really sit down and asking the booth people what is Job and do some serious interview. Not sure really wanted to look for a Job or just want to Jalan-jalan saja. Maybe is because they are just step out from the school and come to the real "SOCIETY" as I see by their face look like lack of confident one, some guys even lagi Terok dare to interview the Bank Job and with a damm LONG hair again! Is it Joking or Kidding I don't understand lah....

 At the moment now Job are very hard to find, just take any Job whoever hire you one first. Doesn't matter is a Low Class Job or No Class Job. As long as every month you have money masuk your pocket then sudah lah instate of sit at home, watch TV do nothing and wasted your time. Take my advise don't harap wait for a government Job at the moment! Take any Job you can and Gain your Skill and Experience 1st! 

Me long long time ago also known nothing one... I ever work as a Computer Salesman at Bangunan Guru-Guru, Security at Yayasan, Contraction's Foreman at Tunggu Link Hanger, Chili Sauce Deliver Man, Karaoke Dj at Gadong, AV Technician at Empire Hotel, Tour Guide and Driver Jurudong Park(freelance) Pirate CD Burner Man, World Cup and Premiere League Bookie, Underground Casino, Beer Refill Man, Disco Club DJ  and many more.... And now I'm a Freelance Soundman and a No#1 Broken~English Blogger 
( don't ask me how much I earn but I can tell you I just need to work for 7 days per month and is enough for me now!!!)  

All this Job do you think I know how to do at the 1st palce??? NO....... is not!!! Nobody already knows what to do after they born one..... we must try and try and try Until we get it right!!!
I learned the different skills and experiences with all the Job I had and it help me a lot on this day. Skill and Experience are very important one. So all the Newbies out there give yourself a Challenge and push yourself Harder. Try to not to waste you time again today. So get your butt out of the couch and go ICC there to look for a Job NOW!!!!

 This is the entrance to the way of success......

The speaker give the audience a nice advise and lecture. 

Don't play play...... full house man!!!!

 Graduate is = to Jobless this day!!!

Meet some old friend there and now they become boss sudah! We used to worked together last time at Yayasan there!!!

This is her produce which need some Salesman to do the sales......

My old friend from the Empire Hotel HR Department. Anyone want to work there??? Please look for Suzi and ask her what job that suitable you!!! 
Suzi...... got Manager Post for me or not??? Manager of Toilet also can lah!!!

Anyone??? Do BBQ also a nice Job! Mana tau one day you sell your own at Pasar Malam ka????

Good Luck Young Man!!!

p/s: Don't wait for the Government's Job liao lah..... If got also not your turn yet one!!!!!