Kisah Kita Primier....

Hey guy..... let me introduce you all to watch this movie. Kisah Kita is one of the movie done by the Brunei UBD students. As far as I know this movie is a part of their assignment. This movie is post at the Youtube yesterday. 
So what is all about this movie? Is about a class of U students went to picnic and lost one of their friend, This movie is a ghost movie too la.... for me is not too spooky cause sometime  I can hear the camera man breathing sound...hahahah!!!! I guess is Along's sound. How is Along? Just go and watch then you know sudah la!!!! But anyway I do like they do the editing and especially the sound effects.So matching with the scene. So guys please do spend some time to watch is L.U.S.H.M.M 
( Local University Student Home Make Movie )
This movie are post in the Youtube and come with III part. So I just posted part one in my blog and the rest part II and III just watch it in this link!
Or you may visit this Along/啊龍's blog to take a look lah. Here are his blog link.
So guys please support them and leave some comments in there too.

I'm so proud of your team....Along!!!! Good Job!!! Well Done!!! and please don't add another "Extra Camera Man Breathing Sound Effect" in your next movie!