It Is Kena Prank by Someone Or What???

How to pay this guy with his salary le??? OMG $250.00 per hour. I wondering what skill he had and I don't! The pay is higher then anyone of you reading my blog here!
Ai ya... I think this post sure fake one la, 100% kena his friend kacau one sudah. I found this post at the Brudirect Classified today. I'm sure someone wanted to kacau him that's why post it there.
But say true true one la this is something way beyond the limit sudah. What if this guy really want to look for a job but the boss saw this post where dare to hire him lagi right! Wanted to kacau but also need to a limit one! click here to see the BD classified. One thing I also don't understand the BD one... why they didn't check is this a prank one or so! Don't just apa also can post one ma. The kana one always is our this people!!! FYI I do call up the number provide below there any try to talk to the guy but too bad I think he received to many unknown call and that's didn't answer my too!!! 
But now I had a question here, if this is true kena kacau by someone example people took my picture and post it there without my acknowledgment or was so ever (in Brunei) can I make a police case or not ka? Or BD can take some action about it or not? Email or Msg to me if know about this issue. Thanks!