I'm Voted In Top 30!!!

Remember few months ago I had posted my Jam Jam Jam Jammmm  video on the Who's Got Talent Season 2 organize by the B.Mobile and it was a big hit there too. I had nominate to the Top 30. How do I know? Cause I just received a call from their committee and they want to attend the event on this coming Saturday which mean just another 2 days lagi!
Stop Stop Stop..... this is too much already!!! I can't handle so many things once in a time! Missed My Flight To Singapore, Lost and Recovered my Passport, Got new Job, Cut Long Hairs, Started New Life and now what? Contest again??? Too Much ...Too Much .... I don't think I can made it!!! Unless I tell my new boss " Boss this Saturday I want to take off day! Cause I want to attend the Brunei Who's Got Talent Show!!!!""  like that???? Just started work today and need to take after next next day!!!! I don't think this is possible man.....
So I would like to say Thanks for those people who had voted me and Sorry that I really can't attend the contest!!!! Really really Sorry dude!!!
Once again Thank You so much that voted me!!!!