I Try It.......

Ya la I know is kind of late of testing the iPad but anyway what to do is not my fault ma... the Brunei Apple store late show their display set to the public..... some how all the iPad have sold to the people booking early. The Apple store at Mall had just arrived last night 8pm you guys can go there and have a try... but too bad is not for sale only for display. But if you really want to buy it and can't wait for another shipment!!!! there is always a way you still can buy it one if you don't mind is a display set la.... Now let me teach you how to do and make them to sell you the iPad!!!!!! 
Listen!!!! All you need is to standby a 20 cent or Unremovable Marker Pen and then ask the staff to show you the iPad, once you had try with the iPad and then turn over the at the back and use the 20 cents to scratch or write your name on it!!! Walak.... and that iPad is belongs to your. No matter what they sure sell it to you one.... cause all the shop Teams and Condition is "Once It Broke, It Consider Sold"!
Easy Right??? You not need to begging the Manager to sell it for you, Or call up the Boss or what so ever!!! Unless they don't need you to pay it and keep on putting the iPad in their shop as a display set WITH you name behind it!!!!

P/S: Don't tell them that I teach you one Ok! And this trick also can use at buying Motobike, Car, Laptop, Phone and so and so and so....... Is avery useful trick!
note: Make sure you really wanted to buy the item and don't play play...