My Tooth Fixed!!!

Two weeks ago due to the Crap incident and today I finally to go fix it! Is not that I'm scared to the Dentist, I really really busy and have no time to fix. So today I went to Gadong one of the Dental Surgery and fix. It only took 30 minute plaster my teeth and including X-ray only cost me Bnd$70.00.
I don't known is it too expensive or not cause I never pay money it to fix my teeth before so I think is till reasonable la and I don't feel any pain of it so I think $70.00 is worth it lo. But of cause compare with Ripas only $1.00/$2.00 of cause is too expensive la. But I save my time and not need to Q or booking time so $70.00 Ok one la.....
So now my pronunciation is back to normal stage! If not I can't say "F" or "S" words properly. Even I said " I LOVE YOU " to my daughter also susah..... Can't feel that I really "LOVE" with correct it!!! cause the "LOVE" word macam got lari one... But not don't play play O I can even "F" people with my new teeth and it sound harder and solid now!!!