I Had Canceled It!!!

After so many year the HSBC had serve me but today I have to say good bye with them, Due to the new rules,plans, reasons, Terms and conditions from the MoF.  then I have no choice have to cancel the card so start form today I won't Otang the Bank and everyday have to spend CASH sudah. The reason I cancel my card is because I don't have a saving account in the HSBC and also as a freelance I am, I don't have the salary stuff to bank in there. But if I still want to use the card the only way is I have to put a fix deposit in there that is equivalence as the card limit too!!!( mind as well I use cash is the same bah....)
Then if I haven't paid the credit this there is a what 8% lah...this and that lah.... banyak macam macam lah I malas to ask them again. And at the JUN if you haven't pay or what so ever then the credit of your balance gonna be as Card Loan what so ever I'm not so sure.... Anyway is none of my business now cause I already settle and paid all the balance sudah. 
If you also own a credit card from any Bank in Brunei you better go check with your bank. Don't last last karang kabu you have to pay the unknown charge!!!!!!