Household Expenditure Survey 2010/11

Today someone had came to my house and doing the survey! Basically is all about how much we spend money for daily and per month. This survey is from the Prime Minister's Office then survey guy name is Awang Yusra. Surprisingly Yusra also one of my reader too. He didn't aspected met me in my house. I can see that he is so surprise and happy to meet me. 
So anyway start from today we have to Log In with this Purple Booklet and written what we spend on  and how much it's cost. Weigh, Size and Quantity. What, When, Where we travel. And even the past 12 month did we bought camera,car,moto,pc. Who and how and where got the payment money in or out and so and so and so!!! Mati la this time so many thing to do and have to write down now! Busy busy.......
I think is is a good survey cause start from today I can know how much we all spend in daily and monthly. So today I started to note down what we had spend and I found out I'm the lesser spender money of the day, Only Bnd$8.20 and guess who has the most spender today? Is my 6 months old daughter, she spend Bnd$100.00 for her medical injection at T.K Chann this afternoon. Seriously the Bnd$100.00 is her own money from her Angpow so this expenses is her one so she have to pay herself! All this thing I marked at the Big Purple Booklet already! I wonder the Prime Minister Office people can understand my Broken~English Style Records or not oh.... hahahahaha!!!!!! 
Total of expenses today: Bnd$210.20