This day oh..... this TV show are so in the hit now. My wife, Sister, Sister in law and my niece also watch it! When show time come everyone automatic sit in front of the TV and watch... Baby cry ka... Husband hungry ka.... Boy friend calling ka... what so ever la! As you can see they all like "Ignore Mode" is like switch on sudah. Guys take my advise if you see your girl watch this show please do not go and kacau them sure you kana kicked your ass one.....
So what is this is all about with the Glee? At 1st I though this is something like a "High School Musical"one..... Bunch of the high school students Singing, Dancing, Crying, Laughing and Loving! Nothing much different..... And I don't understand why my wife like to watch it! Then oh... last last I baru know that the inside the Glee those students always sing the 80's and 90's song.... of cause got a little bit  different with the tempo and rhythm la. Ah....... basically this Glee are not bad to listen but not to watch.( cause I only like to listen they sing the song )  Anyway..... if your girl who also like to watch this show..... please please don't go disturb they I sure they gonna Kick your ass one.

Talk about the KICK ASS I wondering this movie are gonna play in Brunei or not la? I guess is not because of the name kali! KICK ASS!!!! Sure kana banned one la.... Anyway what story is this? This story is about like something superhero one la.... There is a guy want to be a hero and go rescue people but last last he kana Hamtam by other.... but the kana hamtam footage video had posted in Youtude then millions and millions of people go watch it and this superhero(named Kick ASS) turn very famous........ then bla bla bla bla.... Some more bad guys some out..... then bla bla bla and bla... 
Ok basically something like that la... but this movie got some violence one la.... some people mind not like it la but also got comedy one too.

Oh yes........ I am wrong with the Kick Ass info! It did play in the cinema now! Thanks for the reader to inform me!