E' Green Cafe!!!

Today I want to bring you hunt for one of my favorite dish LAKSA!!!! I love Laksa very much especially the Kuching Laksa! I ever went to Kuching and try their Legend Laksa there last year! So last Saturday I went to coverage one of this restaurant at the Sumbangsih Mulia which is just next to the Beribi Baiduri Bank. The restaurant name is E~Green Cafe. Their Laksa really didn't make me disappointed especially their secret recipe Sambal Belacan it really really taste good, once it mixed together with the Laksa the Kuching taste totally all in my mouth sudah. After I finished the whole bowl of Laksa and I was sweated like a p_g. Just exactly the same way I sweated at the Kuching there too. Folks let's try it if you are a Laksa lover like me too. 
Anyway if you doesn't like Laksa no problem, They also serve from oriental style to western food. At the moment now they open from 7am to 1:30pm then afternoon they rest. And then they open again from 6pm to 11pm. And I notice that area have plenty of car park so you not need to worry for  rush on your lunch and late back to your office again! Also they have a big projector screen to projected some sport channel and there is a good spot for people to hang around with their buddy too.
Reservation please dial +673-2457126 or +673-8757228( Khadijah)

So this is the Sumbangsih Mulia which located at Beribi next to the Baiduri Bank one.

And this is the one I mention the E' Green Cafe lo....

Nice leh... the environment some how they also got serve Dim Sum too.

FYI they also have FREE Wi-Fi internet too. Bring your laptop there and surf Ok!!!

Not need I tell you, you also know what is this la right!!! So don't ask me their number liao Ok!!!

Na this is the Laska I try one lo. Good Good!!!!

Remember must eat together the laksa with this Sambal Belacan. 

See... no play play one I hamtam it all!!!

If you ask me which one taste better I would say is the blue color one "The Blue Whale" reason is I not a Chocolate Milk Shake supporter but I'm sure all kids are gonna like it one!!!!

If you are the fish lover I strongly recommended you try their two dish. Curry Fish Head or the Deep Fried Seabass(selungsung) So this is their chef handsome right??? Look like David BackHam isn't it?? hehehe... no la just kidding nya la! Thanks to Zamani and let try on his cook. 

If you see this beautiful lady there please tell her I'm the one who introduce you all to come here eat one. But don't use my name to Otang there lah Ok!!!!