Do You Still Remember Them???

Omg.......... I totally forgot all this website that I ever have too!!!!! Do you guys still remember your user name, email address or passwords to access those site? Forget already right??? hahaha....... ya ya  me too!!! I been spending an hour to think back what passwords and user name trying to get into it this three Wonderful site hahaha..... Finally I got into it and see how it looks like now!!!! Surprisingly this 3 site have a lot of changes..... the only things didn't change is my profile picture, it still the same picture I put on the 1st day!
Now let me refresh you mind again what is this 3 website for!!! FRIENDSTER, HI 5 and TAGGED, those are the website that you can connect together with your friends at few years back!!!! But one day there is a site named FACEBOOK suddenly pop out and spread all around the world. And now anyone who own a computer sure have a Facebook account..... am I right? So that slowly slowly people started forget that they have used the 3 Musketeers already just because of Robin Hood are more funny and more games to play with...........
So pity the three musketeers now. not body wanted to play with or Layan them anymore.
But oh....... I was so surprise that one of my friend still active with the Friendster! I wondering who is he chat with in there and what the hack he still do inside there.
Last log in is on this month April 7th and make a new friend there....... mmmmm suspicious lah!!!!
Sorry bro that I put you Up on the Table!