Bun Out Steak In......

Today I went to Gadong Mall to grad the new MBP and I pass by the Mercedes Benz showroom. Then I baru notice that the Sugar Bun are closed which next to the Hua Hoe one.... Since when I closed I also don't know! Cause I normally enter or out of this area I only use The Mall's bridge there cause is more faster. I really didn't expect the Suger Bun has closed down for quite sometime and now suddenly a new restaurant are gonna open soon. Is a new steakhouse restaurant, it named Buffalo Steakhouse Restaurant.
hmmmm.... I'm looking forward of this new restaurant. I'm a meat lover too but too bad in Bandar here are hard to find a good steak except in KB la...... So far only in Batu Satu the Charcoal there are Ok one!!! Anyway I hope this new restaurant won't disappointed me la!!! 

Sugar Bun Out!!!! Buffalo In!!!