Beach Bunch VI Kick Off!!!!

Yes!!!! It turn out very well and thanks to the Volunteers, Maktab Duli students and TIGER.LIM™ fans and friends!!!! 148 volunteers, 98 from Maktab Duli. The rest from Brunei Shell Marketing,Brunei Shell Ladies and Community members from Kpg Jerudong.

 I'm so great to see so many people show up. Guess what we pick up more then 500Kg of rubbish around the beach but I believe there is still more around the area cause I saw a lot of paper, empty bottle, plastic bag,container etc around the car park which the fisherman unload their boat area. Too bad the area too big and man power are not enough to cover the place. But never mind la We did what we can over the area, Sedikit-Sedikit Lama-Lama Jadi Bukit!!! If we didn't clean up the area a little bit by one day the rubbish will grow like a Bukit/(Hill) sudah!!!!! 
Ya la.... we know that today we pick up the rubbish then sure tomorrow some other people going to throw there again. It is useless of what we did, but if we didn't pick up sure the beach is getting worst and worst!!! But if we didn't start clean it up today so in future I only can show the picture to my children that this is how our beautiful look like( The Past ). In fact the best way to keep our beaches clean is to influence the people and new generation how the important of not being simply throwing rubbish...... So if everyone started the habit of  not to simply throwing rubbish and we believe we can live in the better life!
10 years ago most of the people driving and taking with the hand phone, not using the seat belt, smoking in the restaurant, cafe, indoor or hospital!!! But now people where to dare did that again. Cause we been influence by other...... People not doing that if you do.. Malu ju tu..kan kan kan!!! So I believe one day we can influence the public not to simply throwing rubbish one...... 
Any Thing Also Can Be Done As Long As We Don't Give Up!!!!
So guys.... I need your help! Start from today You And Me spread the message to the people around you  telling them to KEEP IT CLEAN WHERE WE LIVE!!!

Did you read the slogan?

Having fun right girls????

I didn't know that this road is out of order for a long time sudah!!!

Thanks for joining me here my TIGER.LIM™ fans!!!

Alan Tan(white cap) the founder of Beach Bunch!!!
Sit Alan sit!!!! Good boy..... now hand!!!! hahahah..... I'm So Bad!!!

This area need more Man Power to clean up!!!! sign....

Bro!!!! you need more back up here????

I lost my balance and fall down when I pick up the bags using my scooter to the camp!

Thanks for coming and hope to see you all again!!!