Bun Out Steak In......

Today I went to Gadong Mall to grad the new MBP and I pass by the Mercedes Benz showroom. Then I baru notice that the Sugar Bun are closed which next to the Hua Hoe one.... Since when I closed I also don't know! Cause I normally enter or out of this area I only use The Mall's bridge there cause is more faster. I really didn't expect the Suger Bun has closed down for quite sometime and now suddenly a new restaurant are gonna open soon. Is a new steakhouse restaurant, it named Buffalo Steakhouse Restaurant.
hmmmm.... I'm looking forward of this new restaurant. I'm a meat lover too but too bad in Bandar here are hard to find a good steak except in KB la...... So far only in Batu Satu the Charcoal there are Ok one!!! Anyway I hope this new restaurant won't disappointed me la!!! 

Sugar Bun Out!!!! Buffalo In!!!

Have You Spotted Yet? ( Part 2 )

Ok.... It seen to be everyone having fun with my HYSY post. So I decide to post another part 2 here. This picture took from my outside room. Look at the floor mate do you spotted any thing wrong with it?
FYI I have no idea where my Mom bought it from..... 

Have You Spotted Yet?

Took this picture in my little garden. Guess what is wrong with this tree!!!! Post your answer in the Chat Box please!

Haven't Got It? Scroll Down All The Way And See It!


This day oh..... this TV show are so in the hit now. My wife, Sister, Sister in law and my niece also watch it! When show time come everyone automatic sit in front of the TV and watch... Baby cry ka... Husband hungry ka.... Boy friend calling ka... what so ever la! As you can see they all like "Ignore Mode" is like switch on sudah. Guys take my advise if you see your girl watch this show please do not go and kacau them sure you kana kicked your ass one.....
So what is this is all about with the Glee? At 1st I though this is something like a "High School Musical"one..... Bunch of the high school students Singing, Dancing, Crying, Laughing and Loving! Nothing much different..... And I don't understand why my wife like to watch it! Then oh... last last I baru know that the inside the Glee those students always sing the 80's and 90's song.... of cause got a little bit  different with the tempo and rhythm la. Ah....... basically this Glee are not bad to listen but not to watch.( cause I only like to listen they sing the song )  Anyway..... if your girl who also like to watch this show..... please please don't go disturb they I sure they gonna Kick your ass one.

Talk about the KICK ASS I wondering this movie are gonna play in Brunei or not la? I guess is not because of the name kali! KICK ASS!!!! Sure kana banned one la.... Anyway what story is this? This story is about like something superhero one la.... There is a guy want to be a hero and go rescue people but last last he kana Hamtam by other.... but the kana hamtam footage video had posted in Youtude then millions and millions of people go watch it and this superhero(named Kick ASS) turn very famous........ then bla bla bla bla.... Some more bad guys some out..... then bla bla bla and bla... 
Ok basically something like that la... but this movie got some violence one la.... some people mind not like it la but also got comedy one too.

Oh yes........ I am wrong with the Kick Ass info! It did play in the cinema now! Thanks for the reader to inform me!

MoH Finally Take Action!!!

Yahoo.... Finally the MoH take action and banned this Lollipop. This is the report that post in today Borneo Bulletin front page! No more selling this toxic lollipop in Brunei anymore, Good job good job and well done.
I'm so happy to see this news report today not only because of this lollipop has banned and also because I myself had banned this lollipop and warning my friends and reader early then the MoH and I had report this case in my blog since last year 16/11/2009. The Danger Lollipop!!! that is it I posted in here. Click the link and read it again or in case you missed my post dude! 

This is the post I wrote in my blog last year!

TIGER.LIM™ Kolomee.......

Yesterday me bring my mother go round round and buy things for the prying. So when we went to Kedai Lim Seck Chong there I saw this Old School chinese bowl. It remind me the Kolomee I ate in Seria town when I was a little boy. So you know my style is once I want to do I no say no one.... Then I buy two of them and this morning I make a very special Kolomee for me and my father! I named this as TIGER.LIM™ Kolomee!!! Ingredients -Noodles, Fish Balls, Minced Chicken, Sayur, Overnight Fired Chicken, Overnight Satay and Chicken Chop!!!! 
My my my....... How good is it??? I give myself priceless with it! Cause you won't find this dish in anyway else only in TIGER.LIM™ here! I wonder how much it cost if I open a restaurant and selling with this! Would you guy come to try ka? hahahah!!!  

HOw To Take Photo!!!!

Now let me teach you how to use a digital camera in proper way. Just click on the video and watch how!

IP~Man 2 vs Iron~Man 2

hahaha..... From East to the West there is 2 super hero movie gonna play in the cinema soon. Which one do you support? Chinese Kung Fu or Angmo Tofu!!! But anyway Iron Man 2 sure more people watch one cause people like to see computer effect this day. For me I'll choose to watch the IP~Man 2 cause I so in love to watch the Ip~Man part 1. 

Tornado @ Miri ?????

Lucky this is not the F3 or F4 tornado... If not I don't know how it gonna look like with the Miri Town!!! Yesterday @ around 5.30pm Miri's sky appear a twister! Some one had took this combination picture and posted on the FB. I'm like a pirate took it from other's credit and post in my blog!!! wahahaha..... I know is bad but I feel bad if I not sharing this to all of you!!! Anyway if you want to know more about it remember today go buy a chinese news paper especially the Miri Time I'm sure 100% head line one......

Beach Bunch VI Kick Off!!!!

Yes!!!! It turn out very well and thanks to the Volunteers, Maktab Duli students and TIGER.LIM™ fans and friends!!!! 148 volunteers, 98 from Maktab Duli. The rest from Brunei Shell Marketing,Brunei Shell Ladies and Community members from Kpg Jerudong.

 I'm so great to see so many people show up. Guess what we pick up more then 500Kg of rubbish around the beach but I believe there is still more around the area cause I saw a lot of paper, empty bottle, plastic bag,container etc around the car park which the fisherman unload their boat area. Too bad the area too big and man power are not enough to cover the place. But never mind la We did what we can over the area, Sedikit-Sedikit Lama-Lama Jadi Bukit!!! If we didn't clean up the area a little bit by one day the rubbish will grow like a Bukit/(Hill) sudah!!!!! 
Ya la.... we know that today we pick up the rubbish then sure tomorrow some other people going to throw there again. It is useless of what we did, but if we didn't pick up sure the beach is getting worst and worst!!! But if we didn't start clean it up today so in future I only can show the picture to my children that this is how our beautiful look like( The Past ). In fact the best way to keep our beaches clean is to influence the people and new generation how the important of not being simply throwing rubbish...... So if everyone started the habit of  not to simply throwing rubbish and we believe we can live in the better life!
10 years ago most of the people driving and taking with the hand phone, not using the seat belt, smoking in the restaurant, cafe, indoor or hospital!!! But now people where to dare did that again. Cause we been influence by other...... People not doing that if you do.. Malu ju tu..kan kan kan!!! So I believe one day we can influence the public not to simply throwing rubbish one...... 
Any Thing Also Can Be Done As Long As We Don't Give Up!!!!
So guys.... I need your help! Start from today You And Me spread the message to the people around you  telling them to KEEP IT CLEAN WHERE WE LIVE!!!

Did you read the slogan?

Having fun right girls????

I didn't know that this road is out of order for a long time sudah!!!

Thanks for joining me here my TIGER.LIM™ fans!!!

Alan Tan(white cap) the founder of Beach Bunch!!!
Sit Alan sit!!!! Good boy..... now hand!!!! hahahah..... I'm So Bad!!!

This area need more Man Power to clean up!!!! sign....

Bro!!!! you need more back up here????

I lost my balance and fall down when I pick up the bags using my scooter to the camp!

Thanks for coming and hope to see you all again!!!

Hollywood's Super Hero Work In Brunei Now!!!!

I'm so in the mood to telling you guys the Brunei Local Home Make Video today. So this is the video which make by the Brunei Shell Refinery department. No wonder those Hollywood Super Hero all missing in America cause they call come to Brunei working in Brunei Shell Company sudah.!!!

Kisah Kita Primier....

Hey guy..... let me introduce you all to watch this movie. Kisah Kita is one of the movie done by the Brunei UBD students. As far as I know this movie is a part of their assignment. This movie is post at the Youtube yesterday. 
So what is all about this movie? Is about a class of U students went to picnic and lost one of their friend, This movie is a ghost movie too la.... for me is not too spooky cause sometime  I can hear the camera man breathing sound...hahahah!!!! I guess is Along's sound. How is Along? Just go and watch then you know sudah la!!!! But anyway I do like they do the editing and especially the sound effects.So matching with the scene. So guys please do spend some time to watch is L.U.S.H.M.M 
( Local University Student Home Make Movie )
This movie are post in the Youtube and come with III part. So I just posted part one in my blog and the rest part II and III just watch it in this link!
Or you may visit this Along/啊龍's blog to take a look lah. Here are his blog link.
So guys please support them and leave some comments in there too.

I'm so proud of your team....Along!!!! Good Job!!! Well Done!!! and please don't add another "Extra Camera Man Breathing Sound Effect" in your next movie!


Anyone looking for a car? Or did you plan to change you car to a Sedan, SUV or a bigger family car???
One of my friend, Ah Boon is selling used car and he have a lot of different model cars in his yard now. Check out his website at  

The IP-Man.....!!!!

This is not the Superman, X-Man or He-Man. This is our Chinese Super Hero IP-Man. There is nothing do with the I.T world or the IP Address. Watch my new video here you were know more about this IP-Man

Do You Still Remember Them???

Omg.......... I totally forgot all this website that I ever have too!!!!! Do you guys still remember your user name, email address or passwords to access those site? Forget already right??? hahaha....... ya ya  me too!!! I been spending an hour to think back what passwords and user name trying to get into it this three Wonderful site hahaha..... Finally I got into it and see how it looks like now!!!! Surprisingly this 3 site have a lot of changes..... the only things didn't change is my profile picture, it still the same picture I put on the 1st day!
Now let me refresh you mind again what is this 3 website for!!! FRIENDSTER, HI 5 and TAGGED, those are the website that you can connect together with your friends at few years back!!!! But one day there is a site named FACEBOOK suddenly pop out and spread all around the world. And now anyone who own a computer sure have a Facebook account..... am I right? So that slowly slowly people started forget that they have used the 3 Musketeers already just because of Robin Hood are more funny and more games to play with...........
So pity the three musketeers now. not body wanted to play with or Layan them anymore.
But oh....... I was so surprise that one of my friend still active with the Friendster! I wondering who is he chat with in there and what the hack he still do inside there.
Last log in is on this month April 7th and make a new friend there....... mmmmm suspicious lah!!!!
Sorry bro that I put you Up on the Table!