What I Have Eat During In Thailand!!!

This is the first restaurant I had tried their Thai Fried KuahTiao during the time we haven't go to Phuket!
This restaurant just few block away from the office. The restaurant like this type look not so hygiene one is very common here in Bangkok. In fact almost all the restaurant here is like this one, unless you go those restaurant got aircon or high class one la..... Ar that one are more clean. But at few years ago I also don't dare to go this place and eat one... cause I takut that I get Lao Sai! But last last then I notice every time the Tapao food I eat during the show all are buy from this kind Unhygienic restaurant or those road side food stall. Anyway please don't judge the book by the cover, this food are yummy one it just that you dare to give it a try or not! I been trying the Bangkok street's food for so many time, never one time I get stomachache unless you drink they tape water lah....hahahah. Take my advise, Food can simply eat but Water you better buy from 7-11.

So this is the Thai Fried KuahTiao! Guess what... how much you think it cost? Let me tell you is less then Bnd$1.50 there.

O..OK! so this the first stop that we on the way to Phuket! I time is 8.30pm like that la. So our driver bring us to one of the fuel station, a hawker stall which selling Kolomee in front of the 7-11 one it really delicious.... I swear... No play play one, it does really delicious. Some how you order one bowl of Kolomee and it comes with one Soup Tulang(pork). I really don't know how they make profit with this mee.... but sayang the mee only give a little bit nya.... that why we need to eat two bowl.

Now this is the 4th stop on the way to phuket 2.30am. Also same stop in front of the 7-11 but this time no Kolomee to eat. One of the Thai friend introduce me to try this cup noodle. Maggi mee also kala him!!! Is curry flavor and inside some with small udang one.... yummy!!!!

This one is when we all arrived at Phuket already one. I tell you true true one la... Thailand DimSum not good to eat one. Taste like those frozen food one. Brunei here simply find one dimsum restaurant also better then them a lot lo.....

But lucky they have this MeeSua Soup can eat la..... The soup is good but the MeeSua wasn't that good la. Maybe because I'm not a MeeSua fans that why I not so like it lo!

And now is this the foods I everyday eat during in the venue.... Everything also come with HOT and SPYCE. We all have not choice, this is how the Thai people eat here. I'm not kidding one, it's hot until you have to bang your hand on the wall that type. The 1st time I went to Bangkok and do show there and I really cannot tahan, Never in my life I eat rice eat until my tears come out one. But now I use to it already cause I know there is a technic how to eat those rice! Just swallow it and don't take cold water.
But of cause  when go toilet the time I can feel my ass hole like a burning volcano la!!!!