Teams And Conditions!!!!!

Guess what!!!! My ticket to Singapore one are not refundable . 2) Change the date must pay another Bnd$50.00. 3) My ticket's fare end of this March, which mean must fly before 1st April 2010. 
FYI today's date is 29-03-2010 which mean I have to make a new passport with this 2 days. So which mean this is an IMPOSSIBLE MISSION for me la right!!!!! 
So guys... can you tell me is it all my fault???? In the ticket it only status Passengers  check in time.... baggage allowance, baggage limitation, payment bla bla bla....  But why it never status we need HOW MANY BLANK PAGES in our passport then baru can fly!!!!! How do we know we need at least 2 blank passport page then can fly to Singapore o!!! We just only a customer@passenger how do we know so much rules o!!!!! Only if we need to apply the Visa maybe then we know how many blank page we need eg: go Australia! 
But Singapore ar...... this is visit Singapore and wanted SHOPPING there o.... How come I don't know that we need 2 full blank page to entry Singapore O!!!!!! Why there is no a Consumer Protection to protect all the people one le???? God is you, Ghost also is you, Indian Cowboy you act all la.... Inside the plane water also cannot give us much, One bottle of water also cannot give us to drink. Ask for extra sure see the crew giving a long face look! I never hear people comment that they say I HAVE A NICE FLIGHT WITH THEM one. So what is this??? Is this all we deserve with that kind of service???? Purple Bus service I think lagi good ar...

Bye Bye Return~Ticket, may you REST IN PEACE!!!!

p/s: please don't ask me how much I bought the ticket. It equivalent  to a new mobile phone or a digital cam! Thanks!!!