Like That Also Can On The Road Ka????

Mother........ like that also can on the road ka???? Where got some more LAW lagi. The whole highway you take back home lo.... like that we all not need to use sudah la!!! The door already broken and hang hang one like that still dare drive on the road again. If the door fall down on the road and hit other road user how??? ( say sorry lo...) 
Today I saw this cute cute hello kitty driver driven his lovely romantic van on the highway.
I don't know is it the Van design is like that or the driver is waiting MTV to come and Pimp His Ride!!! The rear door already broken like that and yet still want to use it one the road.... Seriously what if the door fall down and hit some other road user how? If nothing happen Ok la but what if a man on the way back home after working and wanted to meet his wife and the lovely daughter go for dinner, but because if this Van's door fall on this car and die in the accident............... HOW???
That is why... sometime the incident didn't happen on your own you never feel the pain one. I hope this people can pay some attention to other road user too. Don't just think about your own convenient saja!!!