KoKoKan Chicken Rice!

Kokokan Kokokan Kokokan...??? What kind of name is that???? It sound very funny to me la. I think this is the most funniest restaurant name in Brunei. But wait a minute and think about it oh. It is a very successful name because it already locked in my mind. It's so easy to remember the name... KOKO....Kan? hahaha. Anyway I had heard this restaurant open at Gadong last 2 months ago and also have a good review for there food too.Some how I long time no doing the local food review already, So today I decide to bring my Rocker Dad and his Sexy Wife (which is my Mom la) and go for a try. Sekali I went there and see really not Play Play man..... FULL HOUSE omg. But we are lucky enough ngam ngam got seat of us. I like their restaurant's decoration especially those photo on the wall.
So what is their signature dish? KOKO is Chicken then of cause is Chicken Rice la. At first I though it just an ordinary chicken rice but this time I really impress by them. We order the Set "A" and Set "B" this is the 1st time I see eat CR also got Set Meal one. Walao so update man.... or is it I already outdate kan? Anyway.... their chicken really taste good especially the steam chicken,Soft with the meat and Smooth with the skin. Not like some other CR the chicken are over cooked. I really gonna like their CR here..... and no wonder why so many people said is good and always full house la now I understand liao.
I suggest you guys should try here if next time you want to try a new food or restaurant. And one more thing don't forget to try their "Royal BBQ" I'm sure you gonna like it too. 
Food review #4 stars + one thumb up I give to them.

Outside view of KOKOKAN!!!! O.....Now then I know what it mean by KOKOKAN.... is Rooster's Crow in Malay languages..... OIC.....

Guess which who is my Rocker Dad and his Sexy Wife?

This is the Royal BBQ..... looks yummy right?