I Did It!!!!

It wasn't that hard wa anyway..... See i did it again this year. Just switch off the light for one hour only is easy then ABC, in fact I think quit smoking for one hour for someone is more harder again. In my Facebook I had asked some of my fans did they also joining this 60 Earth Hour or not the time Baru I know that not all the people know what is it all about. Someone even thought that it can't turn on the fan and Aircon too, and that is the reason why they didn't participate this great event! =.=
Ok maybe I was clear enough about this 60 E.H things. Not necessary all the electric must turn off. Just the lights is Ok my friends... Just switch off your lights for 1 hours and to show that you're care about the earth that we STAY!!!!!
This year I did it again but too bad not all the light we turn off. Just left the 2 prying lights didn't switch off! Not choice la..... I know that it wasn't that perfect but at least I do my part to the 60 E.H already!!!!