Don't Forget What Day Is Today!!!

Hope you don't forget what day is today la Ok! Today is the 60 Earth Hour. What is it all about? Just switch off your lights Form 8:30pm  to 9:30pm. The reason to do that is we help to make less co2 out lo and give our children got a better life in the future. 
I know is event has a little bit boring cause there is nothing to do at home, all the lights off some people even switch off Tv too sound like nothing to at home one... you see me I see you at the four walls...
Ok Let me tell you what to do with this 60 E.H just switch off everything and go out. shopping or clubbing or sit out side in the garden look at the half moon but make sure don't BBQ ha... support 60 E.H but BBQ!!! this is LPPL wa..... Anyway if you think this is still boring right! Then you must try this last method I suggest to you! 
SEX!!!! Is all you need!!!