Closed... Closed... And Closed!!!!

Business easy to open but hard to maintain( 創業容易守業難) is this all the Chinese businessman said all the time. But is true one la... Most of the people doing business mostly are with a heart of TRY.
But brother... Do Business cannot hug with a try to do one.... Some how this day oh do business are not easy one le..... You see like this one of a very old skoll hotel in Brunei are finally closed. This Capital Hotel opened more then 30 years in Brunei. It located in the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan very close to the Chung Hwa School there. How it close? I not sure la... But I think is can't fight with other rival or maybe is their management or what so ever la. Anyway... not only this Capital Hotel had closed but also some other shop in the Gadong Mall there too. Especially there is one shop near to my brother shop next to the Uni Arcade Funland. In fact the owner are one of my friend too. So sayang la... can't fight with the  economy this day some how she also no time to take care the shop too la, so she and her partner decide to close down on this month. And also there is two more unit also available to rent now at the mall. So anyone who have a heart want to try try do some business... I advise you better don't do it.... Save your money lagi better!

This are the two shop which near to my brother one.