Bad News Bad News!!!

Bad new.... early in the morning while I turn on the TV already saw a report that say Bangkok today the RED SHIRTS (Thailand former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra supporters) started having the protests in Bangkok. Of cause this kind of thing nothing kena with us one here, but the problem is I got a show in Phuket next week so I got to fly over to Bangkok and take another 10 hours car drive all the way to Phuket. Then I have to rush back to Brunei on the 19th for another show lagi la.... I really hope every thing please please please be fine!!! Please no protest on the Bangkok Airport otherwise I really don't know how to come back here sudah! If there is a protest in the airport then you must see my blog here how I coverage the news and watch my footage sudah!!!! So coming this weeks I'll be very busy so maybe I not much thing too posting in my blog.