I Been Linked!!!

Someone had called me 2 days ago and asked me to do a coverage about his new shop. At the  mean time he told me that he saw my name link by Rano. I was so surprise to heard that. hehehe is true, I saw my name there hahaha!!! Click here to visit his site and see see look look la!

Thank You Mr. Gas Tong Deliver Man!!!

I tell you, you also don't believe one. This morning I went to the Singapore Embassy which located at the Jalan Subok there and ask them could they give me a chance to fly to Singapore using my current passport. Guess what!!! I LOST my passport on the way to Immigration there!!! Are you wondering how it can be lost right? Is because I put my passport inside my right hand side jacket's pocket it fell off while I riding my scooter! Then this afternoon I been looking for my passport on the road from Jln Subok to Jln Kebangsaan. Up and Down, Left and Right more then 5 hours. But at the end of the day still no sign of my passport.
So what to do??? the only thing I can do is go back home take shower and ready the document and photo copy go police station and make a report after I having my dinner at home. Just the moment I having my meal time time my maid told me there is 2 Indian guys who had found my passport and send it back to me. OH.............THANKS GOD...........THANKS ALLAH....... and THANKS BUDDHA!!!!
The moment I heard that I can fell like I flying in the sky you know!!!!! And I ask them how they found and where they found my passport and he told me it found it at the junction of the Singapore Embassy there.
The best part is the one who found my passport guy this afternoon just send a tong of gas to my house and I just pass 10 dollars to my maid and give it to him.... OMG.... It seen like we really really got jodoh lah!!!
Anyway at the end of the conversation I gave him a Big Angpow as his reward. Too bad he refuse to take photo with me, if not you guys can buy gas with him. That's why do a lot a lot of good things sure one day you got good luck or a Lucky Angle behind you one. Maybe is because I had posted a video regarding about Don't call Indian guys as "'Kaling" and that's is why this Mr. Gas Tong Man is my Lucky Angle lah....
I think I really have luck to go Singapore one la..... That's is why there is so much trouble come to me... Ticket I think have no choice one la... Sayang then Sayang la......
Once again.... Thank you Mr.Gas Tong Deliver Man!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Teams And Conditions!!!!!

Guess what!!!! My ticket to Singapore one are not refundable . 2) Change the date must pay another Bnd$50.00. 3) My ticket's fare end of this March, which mean must fly before 1st April 2010. 
FYI today's date is 29-03-2010 which mean I have to make a new passport with this 2 days. So which mean this is an IMPOSSIBLE MISSION for me la right!!!!! 
So guys... can you tell me is it all my fault???? In the ticket it only status Passengers  check in time.... baggage allowance, baggage limitation, payment bla bla bla....  But why it never status we need HOW MANY BLANK PAGES in our passport then baru can fly!!!!! How do we know we need at least 2 blank passport page then can fly to Singapore o!!! We just only a customer@passenger how do we know so much rules o!!!!! Only if we need to apply the Visa maybe then we know how many blank page we need eg: go Australia! 
But Singapore ar...... this is visit Singapore and wanted SHOPPING there o.... How come I don't know that we need 2 full blank page to entry Singapore O!!!!!! Why there is no a Consumer Protection to protect all the people one le???? God is you, Ghost also is you, Indian Cowboy you act all la.... Inside the plane water also cannot give us much, One bottle of water also cannot give us to drink. Ask for extra sure see the crew giving a long face look! I never hear people comment that they say I HAVE A NICE FLIGHT WITH THEM one. So what is this??? Is this all we deserve with that kind of service???? Purple Bus service I think lagi good ar...

Bye Bye Return~Ticket, may you REST IN PEACE!!!!

p/s: please don't ask me how much I bought the ticket. It equivalent  to a new mobile phone or a digital cam! Thanks!!!

Welcome Aboard????

Welcome aboard or I been kick out??? I just don't get it what the hell reason I can't take my flight??? Brunei-Singapore then Singapore-Brunei all you need is only 4 chop. But I still have 2 page with two chop each,(sorry can't show you my passport page due to my security) you tell me I still not qualify to fly off??? Or is it because you want to push someone on the flight so you pull me down??? I had heard some x RBA staff sometime they need to do that but I didn't expect it happen on me. The person who not allow me to take my flight is not the immigration guy, is a man who arrange my boarding pass one!!! He is the one who say my passport need to make a new one. And he said that he already teletext to Singapore immigration and checked   and help me to push it too but he say no luck to me! I really really have tons of tons of things want to express out and tell you how I feel about it! So now I only can stay in Brunei and let my wife fly alone.... T.T
So now what can I do? stay at home and play with my anak lo, then tomorrow morning must go change my ticket flight date again la. I really really upset about this incident. Yet this is not the worst part cause this coming day I only have one UNDERWEAR  to wear... cause all my boxer is in the luggage and it together with my wife now!!!! Nabay... really CB. So Singapore I cannot go but never mind KL sure can go one( KL=Kuala Lurah Sarawak boarder)  that KL even your passport only left one chop space left you still can In and Out!!! So this is what I know is their DOUBLE STANDARD lah!!! Good job Good Job!!! Yeah....... 

I Did It!!!!

It wasn't that hard wa anyway..... See i did it again this year. Just switch off the light for one hour only is easy then ABC, in fact I think quit smoking for one hour for someone is more harder again. In my Facebook I had asked some of my fans did they also joining this 60 Earth Hour or not the time Baru I know that not all the people know what is it all about. Someone even thought that it can't turn on the fan and Aircon too, and that is the reason why they didn't participate this great event! =.=
Ok maybe I was clear enough about this 60 E.H things. Not necessary all the electric must turn off. Just the lights is Ok my friends... Just switch off your lights for 1 hours and to show that you're care about the earth that we STAY!!!!!
This year I did it again but too bad not all the light we turn off. Just left the 2 prying lights didn't switch off! Not choice la..... I know that it wasn't that perfect but at least I do my part to the 60 E.H already!!!!

Don't Forget What Day Is Today!!!

Hope you don't forget what day is today la Ok! Today is the 60 Earth Hour. What is it all about? Just switch off your lights Form 8:30pm  to 9:30pm. The reason to do that is we help to make less co2 out lo and give our children got a better life in the future. 
I know is event has a little bit boring cause there is nothing to do at home, all the lights off some people even switch off Tv too sound like nothing to at home one... you see me I see you at the four walls...
Ok Let me tell you what to do with this 60 E.H just switch off everything and go out. shopping or clubbing or sit out side in the garden look at the half moon but make sure don't BBQ ha... support 60 E.H but BBQ!!! this is LPPL wa..... Anyway if you think this is still boring right! Then you must try this last method I suggest to you! 
SEX!!!! Is all you need!!!


Be Green Must Be Rich First!!!!

Since I having a baby already then oh....I been thinking to get one family car to use in future la, So yesterday I drop by at the Toyota agent there a take a look of the latest Toyota hybrid car The Prius. So 
far in Brunei here not more then 20 units we have here then mostly are those people who work in the HSBC one who use use it lo. You know la this day everyone is taking about GREEN right. So I was thinking to get one GREEN car... But I never expect Be Green Also Need To Be Rich too.....
Why????? Cause the Prius have to cost us Bnd$58.127.00.
OMG..... nearly 60k just for a Green car!!!! If I buy this car to use the earth haven't green the time sure my face turn GREEN 1st!!!!! Monthly payment $822.00 for 7 years..... sure my face from Green turn Blue then last last turn Purple one.....
I think I still stick to the picking rubbish on the beach and jungle to show my heart of Green lah.......

Ten Thousands Hits.....

I so surprise to see my edited Jack Neo Press Conference video it was a big hit in youtube. So far I never had that much people watch my video, mostly is like few hundred but of cause got one or two video got over thousands hit one la. So far this is best hit I ever have. Some time I also asking myself how does those people can make a video over a million hits la.. I really cannot understand. click here and go to the link

Last Minute Picnic!!!

Today one of my friend call up and say that he is going to make a LAST MINUTE PICNIC at the Muara Beach. Why last minute? Because he had promised his son for a picnic since last year already... That's why every thing come in last minute lo....
But I think today is not his day la.... Last Minute he call up again and told me that his car broke down at the Muara Higway. Luckily I have step out from my house if not I wanted to use my scooter one. So I use my car and pick them up but on the way almost reach to the Muara Beach junction the time got JAMMMM again. 
But doesn't matter is Last minute ka, Car broke down ka or Traffic Jam ka..... as long as we stick together every thing will be just fine... so here we come Picnic Picnic Picnic.
This is the 1st time in my life I having a BBQ under the hot hot sun.... tak tahan la bro.... is really hot man!!! But never mind la as long as the kids are happy then is fine. Ended up we all having a nice HOT day there.... especially the kids!

Best Line of The Day!!! My friend's son ask his daddy...
The son asked his father...
Daddy daddy..... can we do it again next week here....
Then the father reply
Yes son..... wait until daddy buy a NEW CAR first!!!!!!
Son T.T

Thank You........ So Much...... Patricia!!!!!

Today I received a mail from one of the fans that she from west Malaysia. please watch the video cilp below there la. I so happy and touching and don't what to say now!

What I Have Eat During In Thailand!!!

This is the first restaurant I had tried their Thai Fried KuahTiao during the time we haven't go to Phuket!
This restaurant just few block away from the office. The restaurant like this type look not so hygiene one is very common here in Bangkok. In fact almost all the restaurant here is like this one, unless you go those restaurant got aircon or high class one la..... Ar that one are more clean. But at few years ago I also don't dare to go this place and eat one... cause I takut that I get Lao Sai! But last last then I notice every time the Tapao food I eat during the show all are buy from this kind Unhygienic restaurant or those road side food stall. Anyway please don't judge the book by the cover, this food are yummy one it just that you dare to give it a try or not! I been trying the Bangkok street's food for so many time, never one time I get stomachache unless you drink they tape water lah....hahahah. Take my advise, Food can simply eat but Water you better buy from 7-11.

So this is the Thai Fried KuahTiao! Guess what... how much you think it cost? Let me tell you is less then Bnd$1.50 there.

O..OK! so this the first stop that we on the way to Phuket! I time is 8.30pm like that la. So our driver bring us to one of the fuel station, a hawker stall which selling Kolomee in front of the 7-11 one it really delicious.... I swear... No play play one, it does really delicious. Some how you order one bowl of Kolomee and it comes with one Soup Tulang(pork). I really don't know how they make profit with this mee.... but sayang the mee only give a little bit nya.... that why we need to eat two bowl.

Now this is the 4th stop on the way to phuket 2.30am. Also same stop in front of the 7-11 but this time no Kolomee to eat. One of the Thai friend introduce me to try this cup noodle. Maggi mee also kala him!!! Is curry flavor and inside some with small udang one.... yummy!!!!

This one is when we all arrived at Phuket already one. I tell you true true one la... Thailand DimSum not good to eat one. Taste like those frozen food one. Brunei here simply find one dimsum restaurant also better then them a lot lo.....

But lucky they have this MeeSua Soup can eat la..... The soup is good but the MeeSua wasn't that good la. Maybe because I'm not a MeeSua fans that why I not so like it lo!

And now is this the foods I everyday eat during in the venue.... Everything also come with HOT and SPYCE. We all have not choice, this is how the Thai people eat here. I'm not kidding one, it's hot until you have to bang your hand on the wall that type. The 1st time I went to Bangkok and do show there and I really cannot tahan, Never in my life I eat rice eat until my tears come out one. But now I use to it already cause I know there is a technic how to eat those rice! Just swallow it and don't take cold water.
But of cause  when go toilet the time I can feel my ass hole like a burning volcano la!!!!

Food I Ate On My Way Back To Brunei!

This is one of my favorite fast food BK. Why Brunei haven't got one yet... every time I only can eat this at oversea. Let me give you some tips if you come to eat BK at Thailand make sure you open your eyes big big and read what you have order because in the BK menu there is got PORK Burger one. So I advise the Muslim friends and readers please be careful with that Ok! Don't you salah salah makan siok siok there o! But this time I'm not order the pork one. I decide to have a fish burger as my breakfast this time. It really taste good especially with the roti... but disappointed with the fries. I still prefer Mc's fries.
p/s: The Burger King Pork Burger It Does Very Testy.

Continue Part 2.....

New Vodka!

This is the new way to taste the alcohol which I found at the Bangkok International Airport!

What I See At Thailand!

I see THE MALL... but of cause is not like the one in Brunei one.....heheheh

This is the Van that we use all the way from Bangkok to Phuket. Cool right? Inside the van I also stand up too.... I really like this Toyota van.

I wonder where can I buy one of this for my maid!

Have you ever see this kind of chef looks selling Kolomee before???? I not sure his noodles taste good or not lah....

If I can get one of this back to Brunei sure I want to buy one.

Remember last week one of the reader asking me why I did not stop the RBC van... So do you I should stop this lady rider?????

And how bout this van and bus passengers???? hahahaha.....

This is very common things you can see in all the Thailand. Power cable fly here fly there....

I wondering why here the stray dog all can eat fat fat one.... Don't know what they eat there... TomYamKong????

Hotel where we stay one... Is named MY FREIND HOUSE. 
A) where you stay? 
B) I stay at My Friend House....
A) Oh so you have friend who stay at Phuket!!!
B) No I don't have a friend stay in Phuket...
A) So where you stay?
B) My Friend House!


Continue Part 1.....

The Reason Why I Have To Rush Back To Brunei!

So this is the show that very important to me and that is why I have to rush back from Phuket to Brunei. Once I landed already I straight away have to go to the venue but of cause the show is on the next day la. Sound operating for the singer from Indonesia. Singer is Shanty I'm sure my Malay friends and Fans sure know her. I remember the first time I do her show is at the Empire Hotel's Theater that is fews year ago story and is for the one of the princess's wedding at that time.

Brunei To Phuket!

Ok this it it, this is the part one video I'm going to show you all. Nothing much la just show you the trip all the way from Brunei to Phuket. Take Royal Brunei Airline to Bangkok then rent a van from Bangkok to Phuket! It is a great experience that taking a van to Phuket but one time is enough.... no more second time. Phuket is a nice place to visit. I like the environment and the view there. Much more better then Bangkok. Especially the we on the way to Hilton Hotel there, all the way go down hill one, you can see the nice sea view from there. I want to go there again one day!

Home Sweet Home!!!

Sooooo soooo soooo tired....... just came back form the show I do at Thailand Phuket. I did expected it was so tired in traveling especially from Bangkok to Phuket. Let me take a few day rest 1st and I'll show you all my this Phuket trip in the video. It was quite fun with is trip. I see a lot and learn of lot new things but too bad I really have no time to go a round in Phuket T.T sayang....... But anyway I'll visit there again one day but not sit in the van with 13 hours one la!!!