10 more days to go we all going to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As you all know la right this year is the Tiger year and also it drop at the same day as the western Valentine Day... What a double celebration.
But of cause got good also got bad la... the bad this is not much Chinese couple to celebrate the VT because of the CNY. The reason is the first day of CNY who still got the time to do that Love Love things? Visit people house already not enough time liao lo don't say go make love make love thing la right! Some how 大年初一 go humping you really want to 衰 for the whole year meh...... Only Angmo New Year people can do that la cause Angmo Year are mean to do that one that's why there is a lot September Baby lo!!!

So I this year those hotel or restaurant the VT dinner I'm sure not really got good feedback one and no Chinese couple rent room one for....... you know what I mean la right!
The only way is to change the concept. Since the VT and CNY main color are RED so just combine this two together. Give Ang Pou but inside put chocolate, send Roses mix together with the Mandarin Oranges, eat Beef Steak and free Lou Yu Sang 撈魚生.
ar like that la... sure many Chinese couple go one.

If any hotel or restaurant need a sales marketing adviser please look of me, I have many really Jia Lat 吃力 idea in my head to give you! Or you can hire me to work at your rival hotel/restaurant also can to make them close down! OK du..... no problem one!