Blood Suckers Is Coming!!!!

Is unbelievable..... 135 ekor nyamok in my living room has killed by my Mom last night! I never see that much of mosquitoes in my house before. So Gali to see that. 
I wondering why there is so much mosquitoes all of sudden appear in my house la..... I think is maybe because of there is no raining since 2 weeks ago yet it is so hot and causing all the grasses almost wanted to die liao that's why the Nyamok has no place to hide and fly into my house living room to hide lo.
But don't play play o..... this mosquitoes although is small o but once you kana bite by them sure you cannot tahan the gatal tu.... and some how could be bring virus too.( of cause not that kind of computer's virus la) So I suggest you guys aware of this Ok especially who is stay in Brunei one. Singapore and Malaysia I think is OK right? at least your side got raining kan?