The 26th National Day!!!

Wa..... time goes so fast ar. No sound no sound I already celebrate the Brunei National Day for 26 time liao..... Happy National Day To All The Brunei People!
I still remember the that day Brunei independent. That time I was just a little boy which I was 10 years old. But of cause lah I don't understand what is it all about at that time. I remember I asked my Mom again why those people shouting and said Merdeka..... Merdeka.... Merdeka....!!! at the Padang???? 
Because we are Independent already lo...... my Mom said. Guys...In 1984 I believe no any children which is 10 years old that can understand what is the meaning of INDEPENDENT one!!!! Am I right!!!! So if next time my daughter ask me ~ Daddy Daddy....what is "Independent"??? I sure going to tell her.... 
Honey...... Is a Holiday!!!