The Cyber Magic Show pt2!

Seen like many people has been prank by my previous video so this time I really make a real 
Cyber Magic here (again). But this video you must be very carefully listen what is my instruction otherwise is not going to work! So let brief you before you play the video below.
This is just a Cyber Magic Show.... Nothing Personal...... Ok! heheheheheh

Cyber Magic Tiger Show!

The 26th National Day!!!

Wa..... time goes so fast ar. No sound no sound I already celebrate the Brunei National Day for 26 time liao..... Happy National Day To All The Brunei People!
I still remember the that day Brunei independent. That time I was just a little boy which I was 10 years old. But of cause lah I don't understand what is it all about at that time. I remember I asked my Mom again why those people shouting and said Merdeka..... Merdeka.... Merdeka....!!! at the Padang???? 
Because we are Independent already lo...... my Mom said. Guys...In 1984 I believe no any children which is 10 years old that can understand what is the meaning of INDEPENDENT one!!!! Am I right!!!! So if next time my daughter ask me ~ Daddy Daddy....what is "Independent"??? I sure going to tell her.... 
Honey...... Is a Holiday!!! 

Blood Suckers Is Coming!!!!

Is unbelievable..... 135 ekor nyamok in my living room has killed by my Mom last night! I never see that much of mosquitoes in my house before. So Gali to see that. 
I wondering why there is so much mosquitoes all of sudden appear in my house la..... I think is maybe because of there is no raining since 2 weeks ago yet it is so hot and causing all the grasses almost wanted to die liao that's why the Nyamok has no place to hide and fly into my house living room to hide lo.
But don't play play o..... this mosquitoes although is small o but once you kana bite by them sure you cannot tahan the gatal tu.... and some how could be bring virus too.( of cause not that kind of computer's virus la) So I suggest you guys aware of this Ok especially who is stay in Brunei one. Singapore and Malaysia I think is OK right? at least your side got raining kan? 

Today's The Brunei Times page 5

Mission Impossible Make It Possible!!!

Finally the " Brunei Beach Bunch " is back. Due to some reason this organization had stopped the beach cleaning for couples of months. But never mind Mission Impossible... Let's make it Possible. Hope next time there is more people to join as volunteers. Which is like me also this is the first time I join them. Is quite fun there and meet some new friends there too. But too bad I can't spend more time with them cause I had promise my wife to bring her for breakfast today. So I spend 2 hours there on the beach and collected 2 big of rubbish. I not so sure how many rubbish we had collect today but I can tell you is ALOT!!!!! Anyway... so if you guys interested to join us next event, you may join this Brunei Beach Bunch by click here

Ok finally my job have just finish and now I can have a good small rest. really damm tired la... when I reach home pun sudah 5am. But so far so good la cause I meet up an old friend and some new friends yesterday.  

Sunu Hermaen

Choky Sitohang

Guitar picks from then Matta Band Dicky Yudha Handika and Yogi Wargana.

And 3 drumstick form Yadi BachmanAnd . I giving away one of this drum stick to the lucky reader. If you want this Matta drum stick please hurry email to me lah ya.


I'm sure many of my Malay friends and fans are quite familiar with this band from Indonesia 
called Matta!
Yes... I'm doing a show tonight that this band are invited. Having sound check with them last
night until 11.30pm. damm tired man. Let's see can get some guitar pick or souvenir from them or not la tonight hehehe... if you guys want it see how good you with me lo...heheheh
This year me not much go out for visiting my
friends house for the CNY cause 2nd day of CNY me already start working lo. T.T
That is the reason why I didn't update my blog here. Sorry folks...
Ok so I'm be back again to post something here after I have finish my work 1st lah ok.
Sorry for you guys keep waiting with my new post!


新年快樂, 虎年行大運

I Called Up Someone Very Special Just Now!

Much Better!

Thanks god return us the clouds. Although it's still hot but is way better then last few days. Hope this weather continue till the CNY so we not need to suffering with the sweats. 

Show Me Your Ang Pao Packets!

I'm a Ang Pao packets collector. This year if you have receive or left some Ang Pao and don't know what to do with it please don't throw it away can? I hope that you can kindly give it to me ( of cause not with the money inside la )
I hope this year I can collect some from other country. Since now I have some fans from other country like Malaysia, Sinagpore, Hong Kong,Taiwan, China,USA,UK,Canada,Australia and many more and I wish you guys can help me so!
Please be kindly send some to me especially got TIGER printed on the packet one. I really want to collect and see how is your Ang Pao looks like there. I really really appreciate that!
This is my postage address

To: Tiger Lim
Address: P.O Box 1167, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, BS8673

Please please please be kindly some it to me! After the 15 days of CNY sent to me also can! 
THANK YOU guys.......

How To Act Kasian And Cry!!!

Please read the terms and condition 1st before you watch video below!

2010 Chinese New Year coming soon another 4 days lagi! So you and me(Cina) must be
very busy to Prepare, Clean, Decoration for it right! So now me also less time to posting blog and video here. Maybe this will be the last video I post now cause due to the preparation. But of cause la after or the CNY I'm sure going to post some thing here one DON'T worry! So from here I want to Wish You All This Year " BODY HEALTHY " not " CONGREGATED RICHER"
Cause I think healthy are more richer then the money! somehow this day there is so many
virus and diseases out there la, like H1N1, N1E2, HDO2 whatever la so I think Heathy are still the most Important one we needed!
So this year CNY if you visit people house for Bai Nian(拜年) I suggest you say:
"Shen De Jian Kang "
instate of 
"Gong Xi Fuck Chai"
Last but not least I would like to say Thank You to all of you that so supportive my blog here
And I want to wish you all
Wan萬 Shi事 Ru如 Yi意
(it means everything also good lah!!!!!!)


Walan.......... seebay hot le today. This hot season don't know mau sampai bila la....Cannot tahan liao. Feel like want to jump into the swimming pool sudah. Hot until my Tiger's Balls almost cook sudah. If this weather still continue like this sure many look like a Big Sweat Pig in the Chinese New Year one.
You know how HOt it ka? Is totally hot until the sky got no cloud one you know! Even got cloud also look like a small Masmelo in the Big Blue Sky nya so kasian. Die la like this kind of weather how to Pai Ne in the CNY le! Man never mind ar.. but so kasian for those Lady, Make up also no use lioa!
Ai yo.... please la give us some rain la. The Grass and Tree want to die liao lo!!!

Why Darkie To Darlie?


This is called as Cicada. In Chinese called 蟬"Chan". Once if you see this kind of insect that's mean it telling us The Summer is Coming! So coming this day sure gonna be the Hot Hot Day! This few day no wonder I always see the sky blue blue one not even a small cloud up in the sky!
But do you know this Cicada they only live for 2 weeks nya.... But before they turn into the Cicada they are living under the ground up to 7 years. Then after 7 years in the ground baru they come out live for 2 weeks.

2009 "O" Level Result Out Liao!


Congrats to all of you who had passed the exam. Those who fail one never mind this year study hard and try again and don't give up! Anyway is you want to know more detail or know your result you can email to me your name and school , I try to check for you la.
p/s: only for Brunei nya.

Who Want To Buy It????

So unbelievable when I saw this thing. One of my friend call me up and he told me that my blog worth for $1416.2 USD. At first I heard also blur blur and don't get what he mean. When he told me go Google there and search for TIGERLIM then scroll down and see. Then I saw this Websiteoutlook have post my and it say my site estimated worth for $1416.2 USD. hehehehe currency change to BND also got 2k. So anyone interested to buy my No:1 Broken~English Blogger?
If want to buy better buy early lo... Later my market value will go higher one o....
Don't play play.... Broken~English can worth for $1416.2 USD.... hahahahahah

Review Ducati Monster

hahaha.... If I really wear like this and ride this Ducati Monster 1100 in town sure got many people Fook Off me on the road one! Wear like a Uncle ride with a got bikes.... I myself also tak tahan look at me wear like that hahahah....
Today I went to the New Motor Sdn Bhd and check out they new bikes arrived. It come with 2 model. Monster 696 and 1100. The first time I saw this bike I really cannot tahan liao. It really look cool man... Sampai my saliva also come out already. Price is reasonable 1100 cost 24k and the 696 cost 18k. Ok la Italy bikes with this price in Brunei still acceptable la....
I wander I have to chance to get one of this bike or not oh...... At the moment now all I can do is DREAM nya la!!!!

Magic Mouse Extent Function Software!

I have post a new video in facebook click here and watch. The reason why I want to post at the FB is because I notice this day my blog video here are hardly to play. Every time I have to back to the host there and edit again then baru can play. So I want to save time and make you guys convenient I decided to post my video at the FB, more easy and faster lagi, some how the video quality are better again. So enjoy la folks.


Just want to share with you guys this software called Bumptop. I know this software has been launch for quite some time but I still think thus is cool and worth to share with you guys. Is free for download for Mac and PC users. Not necessary that you must have a touch screen or a tablet. Normal pc also can. click here of PC users and here for Mac download links. Enjoy dude.

黃明志 新年被打 CNY SONG by Namewee & 發財寶

Namewee new song release. Is the 2010 CNY song.
Kinda like this song and just want to share with you guys.


10 more days to go we all going to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As you all know la right this year is the Tiger year and also it drop at the same day as the western Valentine Day... What a double celebration.
But of cause got good also got bad la... the bad this is not much Chinese couple to celebrate the VT because of the CNY. The reason is the first day of CNY who still got the time to do that Love Love things? Visit people house already not enough time liao lo don't say go make love make love thing la right! Some how 大年初一 go humping you really want to 衰 for the whole year meh...... Only Angmo New Year people can do that la cause Angmo Year are mean to do that one that's why there is a lot September Baby lo!!!

So I this year those hotel or restaurant the VT dinner I'm sure not really got good feedback one and no Chinese couple rent room one for....... you know what I mean la right!
The only way is to change the concept. Since the VT and CNY main color are RED so just combine this two together. Give Ang Pou but inside put chocolate, send Roses mix together with the Mandarin Oranges, eat Beef Steak and free Lou Yu Sang 撈魚生.
ar like that la... sure many Chinese couple go one.

If any hotel or restaurant need a sales marketing adviser please look of me, I have many really Jia Lat 吃力 idea in my head to give you! Or you can hire me to work at your rival hotel/restaurant also can to make them close down! OK du..... no problem one!



Do you have a question that why Human is an animal and we are consider as mammals too?
Watch the video here then you know liao!