Why Traffic Jam Lagi kan???

Seven Morning Eight Morning someone had call me that said there is a serious accident at the highway just near the Bukit Shabandar on the way to Empire Hotel! Said almost TEN car had invoked this accident. But when I pass by there I only saw three car there nya! Anyway number is not imported here yang penting was the drivers and passengers are safe!
The reason why this time it cause so many car invoked with this accident is because of those driver are used to it follow behind people's car NEAR NEAR! and that is why they have not enough time or distant to stop their car, the only way to stop is KISS the car S in front one lo!!! Aiya.... like that also SIOK!!! I really don't understand la! Just because of your careless and now cause other people late for work, Some how is on Monday lagi la! I think today had more then 2 thousand people telling their boss " I'm late because there is accident at highway there ba!!!"
Next time... Just remember Walaupun drive slow sudah but still mau keep distant jua....

Watch the video below see how long the car jammed