The New Facelift of Kuala Lurah!

Is been a long while already I didn't touch down the Kuala Lurah there after the fire incident. So last week my friends call up to join them together drinking there. They say there is a new place to chill in Kuala Lurah. So when I reach there I was surprise the what I saw! Is totally different as what I used to know the place KUALA LURAH!!!! Finally they have a PROPER TOILET there!!! No more like the Slamdog Millionaire type one any more. Now the new base are more hygiene, comfort and plenty of car park there.
Where to find this place? Is very easy.... as long as you pass the Malaysia border then you can see the duty free shop and sugar bum there. turn left and look for the sign 138 cafe that is it!!!
I hardly give a food review there this time cause the place are dark and also my taste bulk not working well due to alcohol. If you hungry+drunk whatever you eat also GOOD!!!!! So is not fare to other if I'm on that condition!
Tips: make sure you go there before 7.30pm if not you can't find any seat there!

And this is the old one... As you can see this picture here, on the left hand side the stall here are already burned. I'm not so sure still got people go here to drink and eat or not! But all my friends they all like the new place already.