My Anak Angkat!!

Few days ago when I set up the P.A system the at the Empire Hotel Pantai restaurant, I saw two little bird lying on the ground. One already mati and this is still alive. I saw their nest just up above the roof and is too high and manage to put her back, some how I was really busy that time. why their on the floor I think is because their nest are Kacau by some other bird kali!!!
Anyway.... now this little birdie is with me now.Kasian also right if I just leave her alone there.. sure makan by the ants one... I'm not sure how long she can survive with a human being with an animal's name (me..TIGER.LIM™) Apa saja lah.. I just try my best to feed her whatever her want to eat la.
If you have experience of how to feeding bird or know what should I do with this little baby... Please let me know, I'll really appreciated!!! Thanks