I Busy With This Event Now!

I believe many of you had saw this sign all around in our country right? Especially on the highway.... If I'm not wrong right is from the airport highway all the way to Tungku link highway and continue lagi to Jurudong park there. Have you guy wondering what is this all about? At 1st I also don't wait until my wife told me. Basically is those Asean country members travel agent and hospitality people come here and having a forum at Empire hotel and an exhibition at BRIDEX Hall. As far as I know this event is not open for the public one la and especially the exhibition which my wife told me one la! If you want to know more about this ATF you may visit the website here.
So I also been hire to do something for this event ( as you know I a freelance right) so I'll be very busy this few day. Maybe I also not much thing to post in my blog too... hope you guys understand a bit la ya... Kalau pahan bisai.... boleh!!! Anyway I try my best to squeeze some minute to post something here la! Maybe I post some picture of what I did at the ATF la.Ok!
Thanks of your all support.