Good Bye Dr.Yong!!!

Felt kind of sad when I heard this news about our family clinic have to close and move soon!
This is my family doctor. My grandmom father mother brother sister niece nephew..... everyone is looking for him when we had sick. His is my doctor of 30 years sudah. I still remember the first time i visit him. But now he want to quit already, now his clinic had sold to some other doctor and soon is going to move some other place too!!!

Just now I try to say the new doctor that can I have back my report card for souvenir but too bad the NEW doctor said cannot.... KANASAI one the new doctor!!! My report card ( 30 years) bye bye liao! My doctor bye bye sudah!!!!
I know that I can still look for this new doctor if when I'm sick or looking for some other new doctor. But this feel is not there already bah.... Is not easy to build the relationship and trust with your doctor for the 30 years you know!!! sign.......
So now our whole family have to looking for a new doctor sudah la!!!
Anyway... I would like to say thank you for my doctor that he have been serving me and my family for the last 30 years.

Thanks you Dr.Young