Car Wash!!!

OMG..... I think this time my car is most dirty even one!!! ONE YEAR chun chun no wash already. No wash never mind ar... some how oh THREE YEARS also no use this car go Jalan Jalan also! My car parked in the garage there for many year already. No use No wash but got start and warm up la! The reason I didn't use this car is because my wife that time pregnant not convenient to use it kan.... and some how I mostly use bike and scooter again and also me fat fat like a pig cannot fit inside the car so I seldom use it lo!
But today don't know what wind I have, so I bring it to the car wash center to wash it la! Hahaha... now my car look as beauty as before sudah!

Seen now I have no more use this car already, I'm thinking of selling it la! Some how one day my baby big big the time lagi cannot use sudah! So if anyone of you interested of buying my car please let me know Ok! If no sell it every night also let the cat sleep on top on it only...... sayang right! Sell for $9.999.00 ( can sit down and runding some more if you really want)