Bird Eyes View!!!

I can't really remember when I was my last time to have this beautiful view looking at the Bandar sudah. I think is maybe is 10 years ago la that time I still working at the old Banggunan Guru-Guru one of the shop selling computer! After so many year this is my 1st time I step back to the New BGGMB. The moment I step out from the lift the 1st time I saw is this wonderful view from the window!
After so many years the Bandar Seri Begawan had totally change, not the old Bandar I used to know! The best thing I like is hardly see got traffic jam anymore there and somehow not much car parking on the road side sudah! It look more peaceful and relax here.
I remember when I was young study at Chung Hwa School the time the Bandar sure many car, jam and hardly find a car park one.... Always busy one unless is Friday and Sunday! But look at it now isn't it great!!!! I like the new B.S.B now!