Bicara Minda!

Run this event at the ICC Conference Hall yesterday. Speaker from Malaysia Dato Fadzilah Kamsah. If you had watch the TV3 then you mind know him la. This time he come here to talk about how the media affect in our life like the useful of internet,blog,msn and sms but of cause this tropic got connect to the religion one. Walaupun my Bahasa Malay wasn't that good but I still can understand half half lah. Quite interesting of what he saying la but is too long with the speech almost 3 hours he talk. He really can talk man.... no wonder cost 15k to hire him to talk la... Luckly good BIBD sponsor. I wander next time got people wanted to hire me to talk on the stage or not oh??? Not need that much la... 1k is enough sudah!

Got LIVE recording from RTB tu... see banyak orang jua!!!!

Hello sir......... show finish already.....wake up! wake up! Go Home Sleep Now!