ATF Gala Dinner!

Just came back home... so tired so now I update the ATF function for you guy la! Sorry not uch thing want to say cause my brain now out of order... cannot think what to say, so just share to you guys some picture of the event!
This is how is look there just now! Nice right! I like the lighting color matching! Thanks to Justin.P you did the great job!

Excuse me...... Uncle you are blocking my view~!

R.... now much more better! Thank you uncle!

People Mountain People Sea! it means many many people in Chinese!

this is in the sound and light control room which is where my station here!
p/s: I doing nothing here.. just see see look look! cause my job already done yesterday. Helping Justin.P to position the lighting! Easy job!
The one sit in front the lappy one is him!

Having fun with the camera! Thats my model Melvin.T!
This is the kitchen. chef busy prepare the foods for 1800 guests.