ATF Exhibition At The Bridex!

Busy still continue today for the ATF.... But today is not at the Empire Hotel. Set up some stuff at the Bridex. Finish work at 3.30am but when I reach home pun sudah 4am. Take shower update my blog now my time is 5.07am, tomorrow 8am have to go back there already... this time I sure hang over one liao la!
Anyway... I going to show you the exhibition how it look like. Basically the exhibition is divided into 2 main hall, Dewan 1 and Dewan 2 and the dome is only for the registration. FYI this exhibition is not open for the public. So guys sorry you all can't visit.

The Empire Hotel booth also here.... so far the Brunei participants I think the Empire Hotel is look the best one....

RBA booth...

Brunei Tourism booth is here!

Do you have any idea who is this lady??? She is the Miss World of 2009! She supporting one of the booth form Vietnam

Uncle........ Tea Tarik Kurang Manis Satu Please!!!!!

Sorry... to tired to typing now! need rest, tomorrow To Be Continue!