RTB Amplified Battle of The Band 2010!

Let's watch the video that I interview the producer of this event Nafee Rahim.


This function really hard to do, Is Noisy, Noisy and nothing but Noisy! My ear drum almost out of order! This rocker everyone only know hpw to SIOK sendiri. If I'm a producer sure this kids let me cuci their S one... I really don't know how to do their mixing sound and sync with the front of house speaker. Their amp sound are louder then my FOH! Really make me headache only! Tomorrow got semi final some more lagi la! This time I really die liao!

RTB+Consumer Fair At ICC!

Today the Consumer fair start already lo... Maybe is because today is thursday that's why I don't see much people got there la! But I'm sure tomorrow friday memang many people one! If you ask me how was it? I only can tell you... LIKE THAT LO!!! OK LO!!! SO SO LO!!! SAME LIKE LAST YEAR LO!!! got the Winter Wonderland this year but I'm not sure good or not cause have to pay $1.00 per entry. not sure how it look like inside, maybe they put 20 unit of 5 hp A/C and blast the room and some fake sow deco so look like the winter sonata set???
Anyway.. if you boring boring got nothing to do in this 4 days... bring your family or friends go there and see see look look! Mana tau you see me there too cause I got a show to run on the other conference hall there!

This is my friend Jason Ong he also got one booth here! If you got wedding picture want to SHOOT? can look for him. You want him to SHOOT your up SHOOT down SHOOT left SHOOT right SHOOT front or SHOOT your BACK side he also can take a nice SHOT of you! his got a studio name Masamichi Studio click here to view his site la!

Bicara Minda!

Run this event at the ICC Conference Hall yesterday. Speaker from Malaysia Dato Fadzilah Kamsah. If you had watch the TV3 then you mind know him la. This time he come here to talk about how the media affect in our life like the useful of internet,blog,msn and sms but of cause this tropic got connect to the religion one. Walaupun my Bahasa Malay wasn't that good but I still can understand half half lah. Quite interesting of what he saying la but is too long with the speech almost 3 hours he talk. He really can talk man.... no wonder cost 15k to hire him to talk la... Luckly good BIBD sponsor. I wander next time got people wanted to hire me to talk on the stage or not oh??? Not need that much la... 1k is enough sudah!

Got LIVE recording from RTB tu... see banyak orang jua!!!!

Hello sir......... show finish already.....wake up! wake up! Go Home Sleep Now!

Learn How To Dance From The Dancer!

learned a new dance move of from the Sarawak Dancer!

Malaysia Truly Asia Welcome Dinner!

Tonight doing this event at the Bridex Banquet Hall, Hosted by the Malaysia. Every tired of doing this event cause only sleep for 2 hours in 2 days! Luckily the dinner ended early and the equipment not need to back up cause tomorrow go another show there, so I can go back home and sleep early!

This is the set look like!

The performers in action!

I every impress by their performance. those dances are from Kuching Culture Village. Really steady!

This is my face how it look like when you haven't got a good sleep for few days! really cannot tahan sudah!
Souvenir of that night! Box of chocolate

ATF Exhibition At The Bridex!

Busy still continue today for the ATF.... But today is not at the Empire Hotel. Set up some stuff at the Bridex. Finish work at 3.30am but when I reach home pun sudah 4am. Take shower update my blog now my time is 5.07am, tomorrow 8am have to go back there already... this time I sure hang over one liao la!
Anyway... I going to show you the exhibition how it look like. Basically the exhibition is divided into 2 main hall, Dewan 1 and Dewan 2 and the dome is only for the registration. FYI this exhibition is not open for the public. So guys sorry you all can't visit.

The Empire Hotel booth also here.... so far the Brunei participants I think the Empire Hotel is look the best one....

RBA booth...

Brunei Tourism booth is here!

Do you have any idea who is this lady??? She is the Miss World of 2009! She supporting one of the booth form Vietnam

Uncle........ Tea Tarik Kurang Manis Satu Please!!!!!

Sorry... to tired to typing now! need rest, tomorrow To Be Continue!

ATF Gala Dinner!

Just came back home... so tired so now I update the ATF function for you guy la! Sorry not uch thing want to say cause my brain now out of order... cannot think what to say, so just share to you guys some picture of the event!
This is how is look there just now! Nice right! I like the lighting color matching! Thanks to Justin.P you did the great job!

Excuse me...... Uncle you are blocking my view~!

R.... now much more better! Thank you uncle!

People Mountain People Sea! it means many many people in Chinese!

this is in the sound and light control room which is where my station here!
p/s: I doing nothing here.. just see see look look! cause my job already done yesterday. Helping Justin.P to position the lighting! Easy job!
The one sit in front the lappy one is him!

Having fun with the camera! Thats my model Melvin.T!
This is the kitchen. chef busy prepare the foods for 1800 guests.

R.I.P Birdie.... T.T

Bad new.... my baby birdie die liao... T.T . So pity her! didn't have a chance to look at this beautiful world for her! really so kasian for her! Although it just a few day time we been together but I do always remember the moment we have!

Kuih Sapit!!

Yesterday afternoon when I look out from my window I saw my neighbor macam having BBQ at they garage. The first thing in my mind it was this family member are crazy sudah... where got people having BBQ at 12pm and yet is sitting on the ground. But after awhile I notice they are not having BBQ... actually they are making the Kuih Sapit! Me so many year didn't see people doing that already! the last time I saw this is at the Kampong Air there which is the Yayasan Complex at the Bandar now.
So I went to Kiepo kiepo and see how they do and also Tembak some to makan.
Food review! I give them 5 Stars! cause is traditional way to make it and also if fresh fresh eat into my mouth...hahah!


Today my schedule is in the grand ball room doing some set up! finish work at 3am. Tired is of cause one la but I used to it sudah. So tomorrow is the show time but before that I show you guy the set of that night 1st!
Basically the theme for tomorrow us all about GREEN! The stage of cause have to look like our tropical rain forest la. As you can see at the backdrop there have a lot different kind of Borneo animal. Birds, monkeys, deer etc. But one of my friend ask me why there is no wild hog! Er.............. this is a good question and he got me! I really don't know how to answer him!
Ok anyway... tomorrow I try to post the actual show day picture here again la!

My Anak Angkat!!

Few days ago when I set up the P.A system the at the Empire Hotel Pantai restaurant, I saw two little bird lying on the ground. One already mati and this is still alive. I saw their nest just up above the roof and is too high and manage to put her back, some how I was really busy that time. why their on the floor I think is because their nest are Kacau by some other bird kali!!!
Anyway.... now this little birdie is with me now.Kasian also right if I just leave her alone there.. sure makan by the ants one... I'm not sure how long she can survive with a human being with an animal's name (me..TIGER.LIM™) Apa saja lah.. I just try my best to feed her whatever her want to eat la.
If you have experience of how to feeding bird or know what should I do with this little baby... Please let me know, I'll really appreciated!!! Thanks

Bird Eyes View!!!

I can't really remember when I was my last time to have this beautiful view looking at the Bandar sudah. I think is maybe is 10 years ago la that time I still working at the old Banggunan Guru-Guru one of the shop selling computer! After so many year this is my 1st time I step back to the New BGGMB. The moment I step out from the lift the 1st time I saw is this wonderful view from the window!
After so many years the Bandar Seri Begawan had totally change, not the old Bandar I used to know! The best thing I like is hardly see got traffic jam anymore there and somehow not much car parking on the road side sudah! It look more peaceful and relax here.
I remember when I was young study at Chung Hwa School the time the Bandar sure many car, jam and hardly find a car park one.... Always busy one unless is Friday and Sunday! But look at it now isn't it great!!!! I like the new B.S.B now!