Sunday Fishing!!!

Do you know where is Batu Marang???? It took 25 minute drive from Bandar to there! It located some where near the Kampong Mentiri there la!
Today is a Sunny Sunday, my friends call up to join then fishing at Batu Marang... I also almost most then 10 years didn't visit that place already. I remember I used to go that place round round and dating there when I was young hehehe.... That's why I was so surprise when my friend msg me to go there for fishing. Aiyo so many memory come back all of sudden... make me Tao Kak Tia(sakit kepala,headact) only.......

As usual la.... not much fish caught today due to low tide! But my friend they got catch some la. Crap, white fish, utek, berdukang and ikan pucong!!!( mostly the fish cannot eat one la)
Me empty hand go back home... couldn't get a single little tiny small fish! Maybe try my luck again la next week!