Is it because of now already now almost end of the year that's why today the whole day is raining ha???? Is there any invoked with the global warming? I hope not so la!

Rain Rain Go Away, Please Come Back In Other Day!!!! I remember me always sing this song together with my niece, but now she grow up already and got boyfriend sudah not need to sing this song together with the Uncle..... But never mind.. now I have my own daughter, I can sing this song together with her until she have a boyfriend.

Things that I don't understand!!!!! Why every time in the raining day always got this few things happen to a man!
1) Sleepy
2) Lazy
3) Hungry easily
4) Man's penis always easily get hard in the raining day!!!!

Maybe most of the girl out there don't know about this thing happen to the man. Especially when a man doing the "sit on the chair+yawning+shaking both legs" At this moment this man 99.9% the penis sure growing like the champion grow!!!
Ladies..... if you don't believe me what I say! Next time if you see your classmate. friends or staff doing this 3 things, try to ask them to stand up and see how? I guaranty they refuse to do so!!! Wanna bet?