Merry Christmas 18x!!!

Any plan for celebrate the Christmas time yet? Dinner, party and dating right? Stay at home with your family members waiting for the Santa? or you still wait for someone to call you out for that night? No matter how you celebrate it I wish you all the best that day la!
But say true true one la!!! why we want to have fun on that day kan??? Chinese, Malay, Indian whoever now also come to join celebrating Christmas on this day! Is it because of Christmas day are more fun then Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali ??? NO! NO! NO!........
From my point of view if men are not Christians but still want to ask girls out for Christmas party or dinner , actually is because they want to get sex on that night!!! 99% men are plan or sex on that night one..... I'm a man so I know! So that is why there is a lot of baby born on September. If you are also born on September that's mean your father humping your mom on the day of Christmas time or New Year Eve!!!! Try to ask your man where to go and what's the plan for that night, if he say don't know or not sure... that's mean he didn't plan to hum you for that night.heheheheh!!!!!

FYI me and my baby also born on September too!!!