Brunei Mangrove Paradise Resort!!!

Yesterday went to check in the Mangrove Paradise Resort together with my friends. This resort just open last two months. very nice place to visit and stay too! $128.00 per night plus breakfast buffet style. Is suitable for a small family friends and couple to stay there a night! If for scandals scandalous are much more better lagi! This resort include swimming pools and Spa too! You can bring your fishing gear there to fishing in front your room. Not bad la the place really can go for a try and have a experience of A Day Life Kampong Air!!!!
But one thing are too bad is their restaurant are close at 9.30pm one....... so make sure you better standby tapau some food if you plan to stay late night over there! otherwise you have to drive back all the way to bandar or gadong for tapao supper liao!
The most funny thing is in the mid-night there is NO WATER SUPPLY there! But after we call the reception for couples of time( No one answer the call for 5 minutes) to complaint why no water supply..... then the funny things happen!!!! 3 security came over to our huts a told us the water are back in action....... THEN!!!!! they ask us is there any BEERS for them too!!!!
Mahai!!!! I suspect they are the one who shut down the water pump, so they know we are going to call reception for asking water supply...... Then they have the chance to serving us then ask for TIPS!!!!!
So guys!!!!! if next time you want to check in there please don't let them see you having alcohol there, otherwise there is no water supply for you tu!!!!!