Apple Remote v2~

Me every time always like that one!!! If step inside the Apple Store kan sure stuck in there, if not sure get some new gadget from there one!
This time I get myself a new Apple Remote version 2!!! Infect I want to get one of this long time ago! Luckily I didn't buy last time! cause Apple just release a new version of Apple Remote!
Some how is more cheaper then the last time one! The old version one cost $70.00 then the new one only cost $38.00 only!!! The new one is more thinner then the old!
I going to post a Unbox video clip soon! Just wait and see la!!!

This is the one I bought today!!!! cool right!!!

And this is the old version of Apple remote! Left 2 in the Mall Apple Store! I think got discount la! But not much I think, still expensive then the New one!

Go get one of this if you are a Apple's Fans!!!