I Don't Have Bonus Ok!!!!!!

Who said I have Bonus this year???

Apple Remote v2~

Me every time always like that one!!! If step inside the Apple Store kan sure stuck in there, if not sure get some new gadget from there one!
This time I get myself a new Apple Remote version 2!!! Infect I want to get one of this long time ago! Luckily I didn't buy last time! cause Apple just release a new version of Apple Remote!
Some how is more cheaper then the last time one! The old version one cost $70.00 then the new one only cost $38.00 only!!! The new one is more thinner then the old!
I going to post a Unbox video clip soon! Just wait and see la!!!

This is the one I bought today!!!! cool right!!!

And this is the old version of Apple remote! Left 2 in the Mall Apple Store! I think got discount la! But not much I think, still expensive then the New one!

Go get one of this if you are a Apple's Fans!!!

Special Report!!!

Dinner At Topaz!!!

Have you heard a new cafe had just open few days ago? The name is TOPAZ Cafe & Lounge located at Kiulap! Just behind the Sim Kim Huat there!
I went there just now for dinner with my wife, mother in law and my sister. Basically the environment are not bad la very nice! the waitress service are also good!
But of cause la nothing is perfect one. Something disappointed me are their "Menu"! Maybe is because of they are just open one la, there is not much choice and variety in their menu. Main course Chicken and Lamb only got one choice, beef and sea food got about 3 to 5 like that la! then oh... the menu also look like photo copy at the Indian shop one! I can say the India restaurant's menu are more better then that!!! click the video below there and see their menu!
About the food we order! Not bad! Can eat! worth for try to those lady who not think of wanted to have heavy food only, but not for man! cause the portion are not much surely cannot PUAS HANTI for you!!! especially for a body size like my!!! Some how the price there are not cheap la!!! After the dinner we all still feel a bit hungry. Guess how much we ate???
Is $90.90!!! and yet we all still feel hungry la! My wife also say is not worth the dinner we had today! Never mind la, one year one time and also the First time and the Last time we all eat here!!!

as usual I still have to give them star for the food review too!
Food Presentation 5 Stars
Food Taste 3 half Stars.
Staff Service 3 Stars.
Environment 3 Stars

Click here to see their Menu!

Merry Christmas 18x!!!

Any plan for celebrate the Christmas time yet? Dinner, party and dating right? Stay at home with your family members waiting for the Santa? or you still wait for someone to call you out for that night? No matter how you celebrate it I wish you all the best that day la!
But say true true one la!!! why we want to have fun on that day kan??? Chinese, Malay, Indian whoever now also come to join celebrating Christmas on this day! Is it because of Christmas day are more fun then Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali ??? NO! NO! NO!........
From my point of view if men are not Christians but still want to ask girls out for Christmas party or dinner , actually is because they want to get sex on that night!!! 99% men are plan or sex on that night one..... I'm a man so I know! So that is why there is a lot of baby born on September. If you are also born on September that's mean your father humping your mom on the day of Christmas time or New Year Eve!!!! Try to ask your man where to go and what's the plan for that night, if he say don't know or not sure... that's mean he didn't plan to hum you for that night.heheheheh!!!!!

FYI me and my baby also born on September too!!!

My 1st Short Clip!!!!

Hope you people gonna like my short video clip! I just got a new idea of making some video. This is my first video I just finish edit. I going to post some more of this kind video again. Please be patient to wait for this video play! I really like the part "TEASING" it really make me laugh out load. now I watch back the video play, I really don't understand why I can talk like that! I really can't believe I did that!

冬至~Dong Zhi!!!!

Dong Zhi( Winter Arrived/Solstice) Festival today is a big day for all the Chinese all around the world. Maybe you might don't know that infect "Dong Zhi" is bigger then the "Chinese New Year"!
This day is for the Chinese family to get together. And we have eat this "Tang Yuan" and it means reunion! But too bad this yesr my family cannot be get together cause my parents they all went to KL eat air!
click here to know more about the Dong Zhi la!

Sunday Fishing!!!

Do you know where is Batu Marang???? It took 25 minute drive from Bandar to there! It located some where near the Kampong Mentiri there la!
Today is a Sunny Sunday, my friends call up to join then fishing at Batu Marang... I also almost most then 10 years didn't visit that place already. I remember I used to go that place round round and dating there when I was young hehehe.... That's why I was so surprise when my friend msg me to go there for fishing. Aiyo so many memory come back all of sudden... make me Tao Kak Tia(sakit kepala,headact) only.......

As usual la.... not much fish caught today due to low tide! But my friend they got catch some la. Crap, white fish, utek, berdukang and ikan pucong!!!( mostly the fish cannot eat one la)
Me empty hand go back home... couldn't get a single little tiny small fish! Maybe try my luck again la next week!

Dawn Excise At The Tasik Lama!

Me long time no go excise already! This morning my daughter wake up at 5.30am and ask for milk... So after feeding her milk I boring boring then went to Tasik Lama there and have a walk la! At 1st I though there is no one there, mana tau lupa nya there is a lot people already go hiking sudah! This is my 1dt time been so early go there. Took some video and wanted to share with you all!!!

Spooky Playground!!!!

This morning went to Tasik Lama to excise at 6am. When I almost finish with my walk in the park then I saw something very spooky scene in the new kid's playground near to the waterfall there! I use my iPod Nano to video it! Infect I was a little scare in the 1st place but still have to tahan for it la! Then I back home and edit and mix with some sound effect in the video! Go to my Facebook fans site there and watch a better screen!

Ignore Or Care???

Please watch the video clip to took few days ago! This video is in the Mall food court. I saw a banner fall down and everyone just pass by or walk across it! Nobody seen like care about it and pick it up!!! In Malay we call this "Malas Ku Ringou" in English mean "I counldn't be border" it happen in everyone of us and all around the world.

Still The Same!!!

Still the same but getting worse!!!!
This morning went to the Mei Fang restaurant and tapao then I pass by this place again! Remember last time I do report about this place before which located at the tungku link old Liang Tung there!
It seem like the place never been improve yet! The rubbish here are getting worse! almost out of control already! The rubbish almost come out cover until the road sudah, need to use another road to make your u-turn. I think this place can be the 2nd dumping area already like the Sungai Akar!

Reading At The Highway Road Side!

Yesterday I went to my friend's son Full Moon dinner at the I Lotus. When on my way to rimba the time I spot a guy reading is book at the highway road side! At 1st I though maybe is crazy guy or what! I cannot tahan then I must found out why! So I told my sister to drive over to that place and take a look! That is because of the man is a Thai construction worker who stay in a lousy wooden house with no electric that's why he have to take a chair to sit beside the highway and use that street light to reading! So kasian la!
So next time if you pass by the rimba highway before the overfly don't be surprise if you see the man reading there again!

The Wall Fall Down!!!

Click here to watch the video!!!!

Threaten To Post This!

Last saturday night as usual drinking section at my friends house and Chit Chat there. One of my friend show off his iPhone Apps. He insist wanted to take my picture then threaten me to post this picture in my blog!!!
This morning when I switch on my Mac and read my mail. This is the 1st mail I saw! So I have no choice must have to post this picture early in the morning 6.20 am.
Once again thanks to Andrew Chieng for your hard work of editing my picture of using your iPhone!

Brunei Mangrove Paradise Resort!!!

Yesterday went to check in the Mangrove Paradise Resort together with my friends. This resort just open last two months. very nice place to visit and stay too! $128.00 per night plus breakfast buffet style. Is suitable for a small family friends and couple to stay there a night! If for scandals scandalous are much more better lagi! This resort include swimming pools and Spa too! You can bring your fishing gear there to fishing in front your room. Not bad la the place really can go for a try and have a experience of A Day Life Kampong Air!!!!
But one thing are too bad is their restaurant are close at 9.30pm one....... so make sure you better standby tapau some food if you plan to stay late night over there! otherwise you have to drive back all the way to bandar or gadong for tapao supper liao!
The most funny thing is in the mid-night there is NO WATER SUPPLY there! But after we call the reception for couples of time( No one answer the call for 5 minutes) to complaint why no water supply..... then the funny things happen!!!! 3 security came over to our huts a told us the water are back in action....... THEN!!!!! they ask us is there any BEERS for them too!!!!
Mahai!!!! I suspect they are the one who shut down the water pump, so they know we are going to call reception for asking water supply...... Then they have the chance to serving us then ask for TIPS!!!!!
So guys!!!!! if next time you want to check in there please don't let them see you having alcohol there, otherwise there is no water supply for you tu!!!!!

Kelvin and Pei Yee Wedding Video!

Am I Too Fat Or What?????

Mahai.... sit too hard on the chair selaki terus putus and pelantin on the floor!!! I think is time for me to lose some weight now! Since my baby born until now almost 3 months I didn't go do my routine excise already! Anyway Old Thing No Go, New Think No Come. I have to buy a new chair sudah! Maybe look for the Chairman type chair this time~

Congratulation to Kelvin and Pei Yee!!!

Yesterday night went to my friend Kelvin & Pei Yee wedding at the Maggis Mall! Really having fun day night! As usual la.... Drinking lo! Last last at the event I become a Mc. Make the uncle aunty laugh like hell.

Kelvin and Pei Yee! So Matching!!!!! Sweet!!!

Kelvin and Pei Yee both father mother! I not sure the last two couple sorry!!!!

祝:百年好和= hundred year @ good together!!!

Kelvin's brother! Chen & Melvin

The Lovely couple!!!

Dog Humping Season!!!

Maybe some of you people don't know that now is the dogs mating season!
In one year they have two season to do so! If some dog had miss the chance to do.... sorry lah they have to wait for another 6 month again!
So the dogs have to impress the bitch and horny them too! That's why this time those dogs will fighting each other just because of the bitch's pussy cat doll!!!
Today I not try to tell you how the dog having sex but just to remind you all to beware of the STRAY DOGS!!!! This is the time they usually bite kids who walk on the street, riding bicycle, or passing their houses. Normally they only target those children who are taller then them just a little bit! The reason why they acting like that is because of.......

1) Hormone reaction.... This hormone reaction turn them to gila sex and become aggressive and wild. Just like back to long long time ago like the ancestors ( wolf ) they start hunting for small animal some time even a deer or lamb! That's why this day where they can fine Lamb or Deer in the city or town right? So they only can target our children lo. Don't play play ok!!!! some time they even attack their owner children too!

2) Impress the Bitches lo...... They have to show off to the bitches how strong and tuff!!!! Hope the bitches can makeup with them by biting the kids lo!
Anyway.... just beware if you have children at home yet there is a lot of stray dogs around your house compound la!!! Take Care!!!!

Watch My Daughter Sing!!!

Look Alike Part 2!!!

I actually notice this 2 person Look Alike long time ago already but just didn't share it out !
They both are my friends too. I think they look 95.95% the same lo just only their age are big different nya!!!!
One is name Lim Seng form Brunei the other one is name Clement Chon from Brunei too but now currently in Canada.Edmonton.
As far as I know they both are not related one lah and I don't think they know each other too!

Some time I really want to know in this world got which one that is look like me too! I wonder is there any website that can let us to find some one who look like us one oh.... If got really good la! So we can search who are those people, where they live and what they do!!! Good oh this idea right??? If I know how to do this website sure going to be rich as Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook!

Mr. Lim Seng

Mr. Clement Chon
p/s: Sorry to both of you that I didn't ask for the permission of using your both picture in my blog. I hope that you both don't mind la ok. If you both want me to pay money for using the picture please wait for me when I have the "Who Look Like Me" website first lah ok!!! Or I hire you both as my Assistant Manager. Ok!


Is it because of now already now almost end of the year that's why today the whole day is raining ha???? Is there any invoked with the global warming? I hope not so la!

Rain Rain Go Away, Please Come Back In Other Day!!!! I remember me always sing this song together with my niece, but now she grow up already and got boyfriend sudah not need to sing this song together with the Uncle..... But never mind.. now I have my own daughter, I can sing this song together with her until she have a boyfriend.

Things that I don't understand!!!!! Why every time in the raining day always got this few things happen to a man!
1) Sleepy
2) Lazy
3) Hungry easily
4) Man's penis always easily get hard in the raining day!!!!

Maybe most of the girl out there don't know about this thing happen to the man. Especially when a man doing the "sit on the chair+yawning+shaking both legs" At this moment this man 99.9% the penis sure growing like the champion grow!!!
Ladies..... if you don't believe me what I say! Next time if you see your classmate. friends or staff doing this 3 things, try to ask them to stand up and see how? I guaranty they refuse to do so!!! Wanna bet?