Sorry folks keeping you all to wait that long. Ok la this is 1st post of my trip to Kuching. Why I'm going there? Just visit friends over there together with Paul (my Boss). We using Airasia flight from Miri to Kuching. In fact this is also my first time fly with Asia. Their service ok ok lah... Just always delay nya la!

I remember the last time I went to Kuching it was 20 years ago. Now the Kuching has totally different sudah.. only the old town still remind some shadow lah! Me and Paul we stay at the TUNE hotel. Is very cheap but a lot of thing you still have to pay! Like aircon, bath towel, hair dryer and Internet wifi. They don't have Room service, Tv, cabinet, shower gel. Is 100% suitable for the backpacker lah.

Basically this trip is not so bad lah. every thing is fine there. I had try a lot of food(mostly got pork one) and visit some places. I'll post some more pictures and video clips soon!

Before we had our flight, This is the thing goes inside our tummy 1st!

OMG..... full flight to Kuching! Damm Pack la!

My boarding pass.

The food in the flight! Not cheap you know. Nasi lemak. Mee Goreng, Nasi Ayam all RM9.00
In fact I want to try one but six sense told me it couldn't be testy as I though one. So no jadi lo!

This one also cost RM9.00

One we had landed. Just go out turn left and get the Taxi with coupon it cost us RM 25.00 to reach to our hotel.

Look blur?? this is the hotel we stay. In fact we both stay in the room together one. sekali we see the room it was too small so decide to take two room.

The lobby look nice right?

You can book your room by internet, It was more cheaper then walk in. Internet booking Buy one free one night one less then RM100.00.

So this is my room look like lo! Smaller then my room in Brunei!

2 thumb up for the bed! Almost like the Empire Hotel's bed. I say true true one! And the pillow also good too!

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