The Top 10 Hand Sign!!!

You and me also don't know why we all always giving the HAND SIGN to the camera men while they taking our picture!!!!! Is like everyone of us born with this sickness! No matter who you are or where you're from I'm sure you have done this once in your life time right!
So let me show you which is the Top 10 Hand Sign we had give to the camera man!
Number 1: The Peace sign!
From a 3 years old till 99 years old also know how to do this!

Number 2: The Ok Sign!
You Ok or not Ok sometime also have to give this Ok sign too!

Number 3: 007 James Bond Hand Sign!
When the person want to act cool.... sure going to posts this hand sign under their chin one!!!

Number 4 and 5: I Love You and Rock(Heavy Metal) Hand Sign!

This both hand sign started form 80's this is very popular on that time. Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Metallica, White Snake, Runs N' Roses,etc those rock band or rocker fans people always like to give this hand sign. Until now also got people like to give this! Including me too! hahaha

Number 6: Good or Thumb Up Sign!

Showing the place, food or person that you think is more then Ok!

Number 7: Pointing Finger Sign!
Some people like to give this hand sign while taking picture. Not so sure why but they just like to Point Here, Point There or Point Up and Point Down. Some time they also like to Point on their face and make a Cute Cute look or Point on their Nose to act stupid!

Number 8: High 5 Sign!
Why it call "High 5" hand sign is because it combine the "Hai" and the "5" together so it's call "HIGH 5" lo understand????

Number 9: Unknown!
I'm not sure what is this hand sign for but I see a lot of Orang Putih do this some time with taking photo. When they do this the time sure have to shaking the 2 finger like making the phone ring like that! But the asia people here show this sign is mean to Call Up with the phone!

p/s:If you know this hand sign name please let me know and send your answer in the Chat Box there! Thanks

(new update) Thanks for my blog reader Lili help up! now I know what is this hang sign named. It's call "Hand Loose" but it also call "Shaka" in Hawaii. Click HERE to find out more what is that mean!

Number 10: XXXX Sign!
Last but not least, I not need to explain you also know what's that mean right! This hand sign are well known by everyone who live in the Earth. Beside the "Peace" sign I think this "F" sign can be represent as " THE WORLD'S BEST HAND SIGN AWARD" for it! In around the world, Average every 5 second there is someone who giving this sign to somebody! Isn't it Amazing? Although there is not much people do that while taking photo but I think it is still the best hand sign ever made!