Terms And Condition!!!

I had heard from a lot of people said that the staff and service at the Kiulap Apple Retail Store there are very bad. I don't know weather is true or not la cause I seldom go there and look for their service, mostly I went to The Mall one. That side seen to be ok to me! The staff there are very helpful. Anyway I don't know what are the people they not satisfied the service over there. But let me show you the way how they going to serve you right!
If you having any problem with your produce you had bought from there or the QQ. Don't straight away go to the Kiulap there to complain. I suggest you make a phone call to the Singapore Apple and make a complain there. Dial 800-1111 first;when prompted, dail 800-708-5413. Let them know what is your problem 1st, after they had take note then their will tell/send you a code number, just bring the number to the local Apple store there and show them then they will take the action seriously.
Like my latest iPod Nano I just bought 2 months ago. Here come the problem again. The lcd screen appear some little tinny line on the video recording, video playback and photo preview. as you can see from the picture here. I don't why like that. I had compare this Nano with the other display set that the Apple store. It seen like other set don't have this problem, and also my nano's screen seen to been yellowis then other one.
I not satisfied with my Nano like that so I make a phone call to Singapore today and the staff there are very helpful. He told my how to restore the nano and so and so... But my nano are still having the same problem too. So the man said they are going to give me a new set of Nano again and said sorry for that. All I have to do this showing the number he gave me to the Kiulap Apple Store there and they are going to change for me. So after I have change again the iPod, this will be the 3rd set of Nano I had used and I hope this is the last time it goes wrong la.