Seafood Dinner At Jurudong Beach!

Last Saturday night went to the seafood center near the Jurudong fish market there having dinner with my family. The restaurant's named as Seaworld Neptune Restaurant & Catering.
The environment really not bad lah, got 2 place for you to choose indoor or outdoor that you want to dine lo! There is a lot of variety for you to choose what sea food you want to eat, mostly is fresh one. Lobster, Katam, Clam, Fish, Prawn,Oyster macam macam ada lah!
Me and my wife order 12 pieces of Oyster, my father order some clams and Ikan Kerapu etc.....

Say true true one la! The food there OK OK only lo! Can eat one lah! But can't say really good lo! Seriously my mother can cook better then the chef there. Why I say like that?

1st: The Ikan Kerapu are over steam lo! that is a fresh fish and still alive in the tank one yet the chef cook it like the frozen fish. Not really yummy with the sauce!

2nd: Tung Fu Lo.... steam with ginger! tasteless... need to mix some soya sauce yourself baru nyaman!

3rd: Oyster.... live in the tank long time already and not been feed that's why the meat are small but the shell as big as my palm. ( not worth to try, better go Empire or Sheraton to eat their buffer)

Last but not least the KANGKONG masak Sambal Beracan..... totally no Beracan taste!

I so disappointed with the chef there! Nice place, Nice ingredient but Bad chef.

Steam Tung Fu Lo $14.40
Fresh Oyster $28.00
Steam Ikan Kerapu $55.00
Mix Vegetable $10.00
Fish Mouth Soup $15.00
Fried Kankong with Sambal Beracan $10.00
Beverage $7.00
Rice $4.00
Total: $143.40

Price wasn't expensive but only the chef has wasted our fish!