Satay And BBQ Prawn!

Top Spot it's actually a food court located on top of a multi storeys car park. Is very easy to find one la! Is behind the new open hotel PULLMAN.
This night we decide to have our dinner there. They is too many things to eat there big fish small fish, big clam small clam, big vege or small vege also have la!
But we only have two person to eat so we decide to have a small meal instant of order so many food but cannot finish is very waste right?
So we both try the Satay stall's Mutton,Chicken and Beef satay and the BBQ stall's BBQ Prawn. How it tease? Friendly speaking one la! Brunei Satay is much more better then them one la! Their Satay really cannot fight with the Salim's Satay at the Kota Batu one and also the SML Satay too!
About the BBQ Prawn also not so good! I can cook better then that! We order 2 pieces Garlic BBQ Prawn you know how much it cost? RM26.00 for both, is too expensive liao la! BND5.00 per piece! we kena chop deep deep this time! Lucky we just only order 2 nya! Actually I was about to order 6 pieces you know! Some how the I don't tease and garlic on the prawn.
I not recommended you guys come here and try this 2 food stall lo. But if you want to eat some sea food... yes you can come here to try their sea food stall there but I not sure which one is better la cause there is more then 20 sea food stall there! So just try your luck la!